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The Tears of the Kingdom Zora Greaves are part of the Zora armor set, obtained through an initial main story quest known as the “Sidon of the Zora.” The different pieces of the set include the Greaves, Chest, and Helm, which are unlocked separately, but by the end of its entire questline, you will have the complete set for Link. The quest further branches off into hunting down the Greaves and Helm, but only after you’ve completed the Water Temple section.

Key Takeaways

  • Players will encounter a side quest after completing the Water Temple known as “A Token of Friendship,”
  • It is given to you by Lady Yona in the Zora’s Domain area, who will send you to track down the Zora Greaves armor piece.
  • You will need to travel to the Ancient Zora Waterworks to acquire it, but first, you need to head to the East Reservoir Lake.
  • You need to make your way through a whirlpool to reach an underground area and jump down deeper via a hidden chasm.
  • From there, players simply need to make their way behind a waterfall, where the chest containing the Zora Greaves will be waiting to be picked up.
  • The Greaves and the full Zora armor set, provide helpful bonuses, such as increased swimming speed and the ability to swim up waterfalls in Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Get The Zora Greaves

If you’ve played Breath of the Wild, chances are that most players will already know about the attributes of the Zora Armor set and how it can provide bonuses to the swimming aspect. While the chest piece is the first part of the set that you will unlock, The Zora Greaves might be the armor piece that will give you a bit of trouble to acquire the first time playing through Tears of the Kingdom.

The Zora Greaves are obtained during the mid-game side quest called “A Token of Friendship,” and in order to access it, you will first have to complete the Water Temple dungeon.

zelda totk zora domain
Zora’sDomain (Image Captured by Us)
  1. After obtaining the chest piece of the Zora armor set, return to Yona in the Zora’s Domain area, as shown in the image above, to initiate the next quest.
zelda totk zora armor
Talk to Lady Yona and begin the Token of Friendship quest (Image Captured by Us)
  1. After talking to her, she will mention how she was supposed to hand you the greaves, but they were not found by her people and were lost somewhere in the Ancient Zora Waterworks.
  2. This will kickstart the “A Token of Friendship” sidequest for the Greaves.
zelda totk east reservoir lake
The East Reservoir Lake (Image Captured by Us)
  1. As marked in the image above, you need to head to the East Reservoir Lake vicinity; from here, you essentially need to jump into a giant whirlpool in front to teleport to a location.
exputer zelda totk
Gliding into the Whirlpool (Image Captured by Us)
  1. Glide carefully into the center of the whirlpool, and the rest of the teleportation should be done automatically.
  2. You will now arrive in the Ancient Zora Waterworks area, and from there, continue normally by jumping across the platforms laid out for you in the water until you reach the section where the name of the area comes up.
exputer totk
Ancient Zora Waterworks (Image Captured by Us)
  1. For reference, you will reach this area where a Zora NPC will be watching the Waterworks from a distance, shown in the image above.
  2. Now continue moving across these ruins as we are looking to travel directly under the large structure in the middle, as pointed out in the image here.
zelda totk zora armor
Chasm location (Image Captured by eXputer)
  1. Jump into the chasm directly behind the Ruin tower structure, carefully gliding as not to take any fall damage until you emerge into a new area.
ancient zora waterworks
The Waterfall (Image Captured by eXputer)
  1. Head forward, and the treasure chest containing the Tears of the Kingdom Greaves will be right behind a waterfall in front of you.
The zora greaves armor
Zora Greaves (Image Captured by eXputer)
  1. However, a fair warning, as emerging behind the waterfall, you will immediately begin a boss fight against the Stone Talus, but you can still loot the chest quickly for the armor piece and fight it later.
  2. Equipping the Zora greaves will allow you to increase your swimming speed.

The Full Zora Armor

zelda totk zora armor
The Full Zora Armor (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Zora Chest: You will unlock this armor set piece during the “Restoring the Zora Armor” side quest, allowing you to tackle the quests for the rest of the two pieces; the perk will allow you to swim up waterfalls which are extremely useful.
  • Zora Helm: Lastly, the helm can be obtained during the “The Never-Ending Lecture” sidequest, and its perk allows you to perform a spin attack while swimming.

Summing It Up

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom manages to elevate and push the foundation of its predecessor to new heights. Our Review of Tears of the Kingdom impressed us heavily with the new changes, such as the Paraglider as well as the story itself is so rich that you may need to check out an Ending explanation for it.

You will probably need to keep track of all the Shrine Locations, as each one may provide you with generous rewards to help Link on his journey to Ganondorf. Speaking of which, if you are a veteran player of the franchise, you may find yourself adoring every minute spent in Hyrule Castle.

However, for now, this wraps up my guide to the Zora armor and how you can obtain the Greaves piece. If you have any questions related to the guide, please list them in the comments section below to further help you with the experience of completing Tears of the Kingdom!

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