Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Utsushok Shrine Puzzle Guide



The Utsushok Shrine is one of several shrines that can be found on the surface of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This shrine has to do with a puzzle called “Length or Width” where Link basically has to play golf and get a ball to go into a hole with just the right amount of force.

Read on as we go through the steps to solve the Long or Wide Utsushok Shrine puzzle in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Utsushok Shrine Location

Tears of the Kingdom Utsushok Shrine is located in Faron Grasslands, Hyrule Surface, with coordinates 0666, -3353, 0071. The closest tower is Popla Foothills Skyview Tower.

Utsushok Shrine Puzzle Tour

To solve Utsushok Shrine, you’ll need to come up with ways to get a ball to move across a rail and land in a hole at the end of the track.

The first clue is simple, as you simply need to move the paddle with the Ultrahand and lift it about 45 degrees from its suspended position. Release the paddle and the ball should move enough to slowly drop into the hole. If the ball doesn’t go down, move the paddle up a bit more.

For the second clue you will need to use the cube and attach it to the paddle to give it a bit more weight. Position the bucket so that it is in the middle of the trowel and so that it does not scrape the ground as it swings. Next, lift the paddle up high so it’s parallel to the ground, then release it. If you find it difficult to lift the paddle, try repositioning the Link and adjust the distance of the Ultrahand with the up and down keys.

For the last clue, you’ll need to get the cube from the second clue if you want to grab the chest along the way; set the bucket aside for now.

Take the metal board and attach it to the paddle, making sure it sticks out far enough to hit the ball, but not low enough that it doesn’t scrape the ground. Raise the paddle high so it is parallel to the ground, then release it. Once the ball is in the hole, a cart will be dispensed into the upper track. Move the cart to the track that leads to the statues.

You will need to use the ball again, so separate the board and use it as a way to get the ball. Get the board as close to the ball as you can and then attach it to the ball. Grab the board with the ball attached back to your platform.

Next, separate the ball from the board and attach it to the narrow side of the paddle. Then, on the ball, put the cube on the side so that it becomes the paddle for the cart. Adjust the hub forward so it contacts the cart as it rocks.

As for the board, place it on the cart, wide edge forward, and make sure it is centered on the cart. This will serve as enough of a platform to give Link some room to run towards the chest.

Once everything is ready, hop on the board on the cart, then lift the cube-ball paddle as high as you can without falling off the cart; you will only need enough of a push to get to the platform with the chest. As the cart moves, get ready to jump towards the chest. This chest contains a stealth elixir.

From the chest platform, you can just jump and slide to the statues so you can get your Blessing Light and complete the shrine.

This is how the Length or Width is resolved puzzle at Utsushok Shrine; you are now one step closer to completing all 152 shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You can go to our other shrine guides to collect more Blessing Lights:



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