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Purah Tears of the Kingdom emerges as a beacon of wisdom and innovation. With her unique understanding of the Great Calamity and her prowess in ancient technology, she guides Link with her discoveries, notably the transformative Purah Pad. Despite her youthful visage, her spirit remains resilient, powering through adversity and illuminating the path ahead.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Purah is a crucial character in Tears of the Kingdom, with deep knowledge about the Great Calamity and Hyrule’s history.
  2. As an expert in ancient technology, Purah’s research significantly aids Link’s journey, especially through the discovery of additional Runes for the Sheikah Slate.
  3. Despite her youthful appearance due to an age-reversing experiment, Purah is older and wiser than most characters, providing unique insights and guidance.
  4. The Purah Pad, introduced by Purah, serves as an indispensable navigational tool throughout Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.
  5. She plays a leading role in investigating the gloom outbreaks that afflict Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom.
  6. Even in the face of adversity, Purah remains a steadfast character, forging ahead with her research and contributing significantly to the storyline.
  7. Purah’s character evolution from a physically youthful researcher to a mature-looking contemporary of Link and Zelda adds depth to the narrative.

Who Is Purah In Tears of the Kingdom?

Purah – Link’s tech advisory

Purah, an enigmatic character central to the Legend of Zelda series, hails from the ancient Sheikah tribe. Having weathered the Great Calamity a century ago, she stands as one of the remaining three Sheikah. Despite her advanced age, she belies it with a youthful appearance, a result of her own experimental forays into age-reversal technology.

This spirited researcher, older sister to Impa, operates the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, a hub for technological innovation. Her pivotal contributions include leading Link to the Shrine of Resurrection and unearthing additional Runes for the Sheikah Slate.

As an ardent scholar of ancient technology, she spearheads major investigations into Hyrule’s plaguing gloom outbreaks in Tears of the Kingdom. Purah’s boundless energy, unyielding curiosity, and relentless pursuit of knowledge not only shape her persona but also fuel her endeavors to aid Link in his heroic quests.

Purah’s Role

meet Purah

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Purah continues her role as a brilliant researcher and an essential ally. Expanding her knowledge of ancient technology, she focuses her research on the Zonai and their mysterious power. She spearheads a major investigation into the disturbing gloom outbreaks plaguing Hyrule, seeking to understand and combat this new threat.

  • As the head of Lookout Landing, she oversees the troubling situation at Hyrule Castle.
  • This location serves as a strategic point for her to monitor the spreading of Gloom, providing valuable insights and critical updates.
  • Her interaction with Link initiates the main quest, Crisis at Hyrule Castle, wherein she assigns Link to investigate the fate of Princess Zelda.

Moreover, Purah Tears of the Kingdom continues to aid Link by providing upgrades to his Sheikah Slate and offering guidance on his journey. Her unyielding dedication to her research and unwavering support for Link remains central to the Tears of the Kingdom plot progression.

What Is Purah’s Age In Tears of the Kingdom?

In The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Purah is approximately 128 years old. Despite her advanced age, she appears to be in her thirties, thanks to an anti-aging experiment she conducted, which has been partially reversed by the time of the game’s events.

What Is Purah Pad In Tears of the Kingdom?

Purah Pad in Tears of the Kingdom

Similar to the useful Paraglider, the Purah Pad in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a pivotal device analogous to the Sheikah Slate from Breath of the Wild. It serves as a critical tool that aids players in navigating the mysterious lands of Tears of the Kingdom.

As players progress through Tears of the Kingdom, completing main quests, the Purah Pad unlocks additional features. It evolves from a simple guide to a comprehensive tool that offers more control and insight, making it an integral part of the gaming experience in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Obtained at the start, the Purah Pad provides essential information to the player. Here is the list of the features of the Purah Pad:

  • Viewing the Adventure Log, Map, and Album.
  • Fast Travel to specific locations.
  • Viewing Character Profiles.
  • Access to the current location, Quest Waypoints, and Map Coordinates.
  • Displaying Time of Day and Current Temperature.
  • Serving as a Scope to Zoom In and Pin Markers on distant locations.
  • Unlocking new features with the completion of Main Quests.

How Purah Plays An Important Role in Tears of the Kingdom?

Purah’s Role in Tears of the Kingdom

Purah Tears of the Kingdom is a central character from the preceding game, Breath of the Wild, and continues to play a significant role. As one of the last three Sheikah who witnessed the Great Calamity, she offers a unique perspective and knowledge to the unfolding narrative. Being the older sister to Impa and a preeminent researcher of ancient technology, Purah’s knowledge and skills have profound implications on Link’s journey.

  • Purah’s scientific prowess is highlighted in her discovery of additional Runes for the Sheikah Slate, a special tablet that aids Link throughout his quest.
  • She also guides Link to the Shrine of Resurrection, thus directly influencing the storyline’s progression.
  • Her efforts in understanding and leveraging ancient technology not only guide Link but also illuminate the rich and complex history of Hyrule.

In Tears of the Kingdom, Purah’s character evolution is evident. The once eternally youthful researcher, due to her age-reversing experiment, has now aged to appear as Zelda and Link’s contemporary. This physical transformation mirrors her continuous growth as a character, embodying her perseverance and tenacity in the face of adversity.

  • Purah’s role extends beyond her research.
  • She introduces players to the Purah Pad, a multifunctional tool that is indispensable for navigating the expansive and mysterious lands of Tears of the Kingdom.
  • This device, akin to the Sheikah Slate from Breath of the Wild, offers crucial information, assists in map navigation, and gradually unlocks new features as you progress.

Moreover, Purah continues to head the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, where she forges ahead with her research despite the lack of funding and the dire state of Hyrule. She also initiates a comprehensive investigation into the gloom outbreaks that plague Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom.

Final Remarks

The storyline of Purah Tears of the Kingdom is enriched by her relentless pursuit of knowledge about ancient technology. You, as a player, will not only find her useful, but returning players will love what she has to offer to the lore of Tears of the Kingdom. Before you move on to playing the game itself, you must read our Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Archaic Tunic Location, Wing Tears, Ganondorf, and Games Like Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom list of guides.


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