Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Master Mode (Guide)



If you are a veteran Zelda fan, you already know what Master Mode is. Tears of the Kingdom Master Mode refers to difficulty change for players looking for a challenge. It allows you to change the difficulty level of the game to fight tougher enemies and gives you a much tougher experience than before.

Key Takeaways

  • Tears of the Kingdom Master Mode will allow you to play the game at a higher difficulty.
  • Master Mode increases the number of enemies making it tougher to deal with hordes of them.
  • It also increases the rank of the enemies making each of them tougher as well.
  • A new rank called “Golden” enemies are also added in the game as well. 
  • Enemies can also regenerate their health during combat, making them even more threatening.
  • At the time being, there is no Master Mode available for Tears of the Kingdom.
  • It is most likely expected that Tears of the Kingdom will also have an Expansion Pass like Breath of the Wild which will include the Master Mode in it.

Difference Between Normal Mode And Master Mode

difficulty change
Fighting with a Zonai Soldier Construct III

The Normal Mode and Master Mode are not that different from each other. The story and the world remain the same however there are a few noticeable differences between them. Because Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom are very similar you can expect both Master Modes to be the same as well. Following are the main differences between Master Mode and Normal Mode in Breath of the Wild.

  • The enemies are increased in number during Master Mode. Meaning the same enemies you came across in the normal mode might be double in number during Master Mode.
  • Enemies’ Ranks are also increased during Master Mode. Meaning if an area had Red Bokoblins during Normal Mode, they will now all be Blue Bokoblins in Master Mode.
  • Enemies can now regenerate their health during combat. In Normal Mode, enemies only regenerate after a set time but in Master Mode if they are left for too long during combat they will regenerate. 
  • A new rank of enemies is added. During normal mode, the highest rank of enemies is Silver enemies. However, in Master Mode, there is a new rank called Golden. 

When Will There Be Tears Of Kingdom Master Mode?

If you have finished the game you already know there is no such thing as a Tears of the Kingdom Master Mode. In fact, if you have played Breath of the Wild there was no Master Mode in it during launch as well. The Breath of the Wild Master Mode was introduced later during the Sword Trials DLC. 

However, it was not a free DLC and you had to buy it to play the Master Mode. Because Tears of the Kingdom is a similar game to Breath of the Wild you can expect that here as well. In fact, there were a total of 2 DLC packs in the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass. So, you can also expect similar treatment for Tears of the Kingdom. For the time being, you can start a new game and challenge yourself to do everything with fewer hearts. 


Tears of the Kingdom Master Mode refers to the difficulty change of the game for players wanting a challenging experience. It increases the enemy number as well increase their ranks which makes them tougher than before. The enemies also get a completely new rank called Golden. They also regenerate their health during combat. Unfortunately, there is no Master Mode available for the time being. Fans can expect Master Mode to be added in a DLC later on, like in Breath of the Wild.

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