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There are two methods of cooking available to ensure Link’s survival during challenging situations in Tears of Kingdom. Simple recipes in his cookbook can replenish a few hearts on his health meter. Link can even enhance his defense, increase his attack power, and even gain protection from extreme weather conditions. I will list all the best recipes available at this moment in this Tears of the Kingdom how-to-cook guide!

Key Takeaways

  • In The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, cooking is a key element of gameplay, with the introduction of a portable cooking pot, a Zonai device.
  • The cooking pot is a depletable resource and is for one-time use only, adding a strategic element to gameplay. Players need to plan their meals and make each use of the pot count.
  • Players can gather ingredients from across Tears of the Kingdom world and can hold up to five at a time for cooking.
  • Cooking in Totk follows a recipe system, where certain combinations of ingredients yield specific meals or elixirs with special effects.
  • Totk introduces a Recipe Book, which records all the recipes a player has discovered, showing the ingredients needed and the effects of the meal or elixir.
  • Certain dishes or elixirs can provide temporary buffs, such as resistance to certain environmental conditions or boosts to attack, defense, stealth, or speed.
  • Cooking can offer several benefits, including healing, extra heart, stamina recovery, and status effects.
  • Experimentation is key in “Zelda Tears of the Kingdom” cooking. Trying different combinations of ingredients can lead to discovering new recipes and effects.

Cooking In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom how to cook mechanic follows a similar system to its predecessor, Breath of the Wild. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to cook in Tears of the Kingdom:

Find A Cooking Pot

Cooking Pot tears of the kingdom how to cook
Cooking Pot

Cooking pots play a central role in Tears of the Kingdom’s immersive cooking system. Unlike the previous games, where you needed to find a specific location, such as a village, stable, or communal campsite, to cook, Tears of the Kingdom introduces a new feature – a portable cooking pot. This item is a Zonai device, a depletable resource that Link can manipulate with his new powers.

  • Like Fuse and Ultra Hand, allowing players to cook almost anywhere as long as the surface is flat.
  • The portable cooking pot feature significantly enhances the flexibility of Tears of the Kingdom, allowing players to prepare hearty meals or beneficial elixirs before a big fight, regardless of their location.
  • This means you no longer need to fast travel to a specific location to cook your meals, adding a layer of convenience and strategic depth to your adventures.
  • However, the convenience comes with a limitation. The cooking pots are for one-time use only, breaking after cooking a single meal.

 Following are a few ways for Tears of the Kingdom how to cook system:

  • Gather Ingredients: Ingredients can be found all over Tears of the Kingdom world, from foraging in the wild to buying from shops.
    • These ingredients include a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, and even monster parts for elixirs.
  • Select Ingredients: Open your inventory and navigate to the Materials tab. Here, you’ll see all the ingredients you’ve collected. Select an ingredient and choose the ‘Hold’ option. You can store up to five ingredients at once.
  • Cook the Ingredients: Approach the cooking pot and press the ‘Cook’ button when it appears on your screen. Link will then drop the ingredients into the pot and start cooking. After a short animation, your meal will be ready.
  • Understanding Recipes: Certain combinations of ingredients will result in specific meals or elixirs with special effects, such as health recovery, stamina boost, or resistance to certain elements. These are called recipes, and learning the best recipes is key to mastering the cooking system in Totk.
  • Using the Recipe Book: Zelda Tears of the Kingdom introduces a new feature called the Recipe Book. It records all the recipes you’ve discovered, showing you the ingredients needed and the effects of the meal. 

Remember, the better the ingredients and the recipe, the more effective the resulting meal or elixir will be. So don’t be afraid to experiment and try different combinations of ingredients!

Cooking Without A Pot

Directly roasting Skyshroom tears of the kingdom how to cook 2
Directly roasting Skyshroom

If you find yourself without a cooking pot, you can still roast individual items by dropping them near a fire. This won’t create any special meals, but it can still provide a health boost in a pinch.

Best Recipes For Cooking In Tears of the Kingdom

Following are the best Tears of the Kingdom cooking recipes that we know so far!

tears of the kingdom how to cook Spicy Sauteed
Spicy Sautéed Peppers
  1. Hearty Simmered Fruit: This meal fully restores your hearts and provides extra temporary hearts. To make it, you’ll need Hearty Durians, which can be found in tropical forest areas of Totk.
    • Ingredients: 5 Hearty Durians
  2. Energizing Elixir: This elixir refills your stamina wheel, which is useful when you’re climbing or swimming long distances.
    • Ingredients: 1 Restless Cricket (found in grassy areas) + 1 Monster Part (like a Bokoblin Horn)
  3. Enduring Fried Wild Greens: This dish not only refills some of your hearts but also overfills your stamina wheel. It’s excellent for long treks and climbs.
    • Ingredients: 1 Raw Meat + 1 Hyrule Herb + 3 Endura Carrots
  4. Chilly Elixir: This elixir grants you resistance to high temperatures, perfect for exploring desert and volcanic regions.
    • Ingredients: 1 Cool Safflina (found in cool, high-altitude regions) + 1 Monster Part
  5. Spicy Elixir: Opposite to the Chilly Elixir, the Spicy Elixir grants resistance to low temperatures, useful for venturing into cold areas.
    • Ingredients: 1 Warm Safflina (found in warmer, low-altitude regions) + 1 Monster Part
  6. Mighty Seafood Skewer: This dish increases your attack power, which can be handy in more challenging battles.
    • Ingredients: 3 Mighty Porgies (caught via fishing) + 2 Razorclaw Crabs
  7. Tough Meat-Stuffed Pumpkin: This meal increases your defense, helping you take more hits in battle.
    • Ingredients: 1 Fortified Pumpkin + 2 Ironshrooms + 2 Raw Meat

Sautéed Spicy Peppers can be prepared in a Cooking Pot by Link, utilizing Spicy Peppers as the primary ingredient. This dish serves as an important tool early in the quest, particularly during Link’s trek towards Mount Hylia on the Great Plateau, by providing Cold Resistance. Each Spicy Pepper thrown into the mix extends Link’s resistance to the cold by 2½ minutes. By incorporating up to five Spicy Peppers into the recipe, Link can extend his resistance duration to a maximum of 12½ minutes.

  • There isn’t a straightforward “Sautéed Peppers” recipe as such – any addition that neutralizes the “Spicy” attribute of the peppers also morphs the dish into something entirely different.
  • Remember, experimentation is key in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom cooking. Try different combinations of ingredients to discover new recipes and effects!

Benefits Of Cooking

  • Healing: One of the most immediate benefits of cooking is the ability to heal your character. Eating raw ingredients can restore a small amount of your health, but cooking those ingredients can significantly increase the amount of health you regain.
  • Extra Hearts: Some ingredients, like Hearty Durians or Hearty Truffles, can give you extra hearts that extend beyond your maximum health when cooked into a meal.
  • Stamina Recovery: Certain dishes or elixirs can replenish your stamina, which is crucial for activities like climbing, swimming, or gliding. Some ingredients can even provide temporary stamina beyond your maximum limit.
  • Status Effects: Many meals and elixirs you can cook provide temporary buffs that can greatly assist you in your adventure. These can range from resistance to certain environmental conditions (like extreme heat or cold) to boosts to your attack, defense, stealth, or speed.
  • Ingredient Efficiency: Cooking often gets more out of your ingredients than eating them raw. For instance, an apple ate raw restores half a heart, but when cooked into a Simmered Fruit dish, it restores a full heart.
  • Rupee Generation: Cooked meals can be sold for rupees, which can be useful when you need to buy items or equipment.
  • Immersion and Enjoyment: The cooking system in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom adds another layer of immersion to Totk’s world. It encourages exploration (to find new ingredients) and experimentation (to discover new recipes).

Remember, cooking in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom isn’t just about surviving; it’s also about strategizing and taking full advantage of the resources available to you in Tears of the Kingdom world. Happy cooking!

That’s it from my side. I hope you learned everything you need to know about cooking in this Tears of the Kingdom how to cook guide! Consider our take on Tears of the Kingdom Plot and Tears of the Kingdom All Editions!


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