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The Tears of the Kingdom hookshot is essentially a usable item for Link and has been present in almost every single Legend Of Zelda game. Still, the question remains; does it finally make a comeback in Tears of the Kingdom? Given that Link can now freely climb the in-game terrain and has various other traversal tools at his disposal, the point of having Hookshot in this latest and modern installment of the Legend Of Zelda seems redundant to say the least.

Key Takeaways

  • The Hookshot has been a recurring item across almost every major installment in the Legend Of Zelda franchise from Ocarina Of Time to Wind Waker.
  • Hookshot functions as a utility tool that allows you to grapple hook toward inaccessible places, grab objects as well as use it as a weapon against enemies.
  • Players can discover the Hookshot through various means in each game such as it being a special reward via dungeons.
  • The Hookshot is not available in The Legend Of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom as there is no point in having Link use it compared to the other available traversal mechanics.
  • It is unclear if this tool will be added later down the line via a DLC pack or post-launch update now that Tears of the Kingdom has launched worldwide.

What Is The Hookshot?

tears of the kingdom hookshot
The Hookshot in Wind Waker (Image by eXputer)

The Hookshot functions closely to a grappling hook in each of these Legend Of Zelda titles as it allows Link to access hard-to-reach areas in the environment easily. But in most cases, you also use it to grab rupees lying around from afar as well as attack enemies at larger distances. It is a fun utility tool, one that I personally adored using in my playthrough of the Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker.

First things first, let’s go over the complete list of the Legend of Zelda games where you can find this tool and use it in gameplay:

  • A Link To The Past
  • Link’s Awakening
  • Ocarina Of Time
  • Majora’s Mask
  • The Wind Waker
  • A Link Between Worlds

During each of these games, you will end up discovering the Hookshot via a dungeon as a hidden reward towards the mid-game events. Some bosses in the series may also require you to use the Hookshot as a mandatory mechanic for exploiting the enemy’s weakness, such as in the iconic boss fight against Morpha in Ocarina Of Time.

So with an overview of the item itself explained, you might be wondering about its significance in newer games such as Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom as well as whether or not you can even obtain it in them.

How To Get Hookshot In Legend Of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

tears of the kingdom ascend
The new Ascend ability in Tears of the Kingdom (Image credit: eXputer)

To put it as simply as possible, you cannot obtain the Hookshot tool with this game as it does not exist, nor there are any plans (as of now) for the developers to add it in future content updates or DLCs. The prequel, Breath of the Wild, also did not feature the Hookshot as a useable item or utility tool, so there is no clear indication whether it may or may not even be added here again.

It is mostly due to the fact that you can now freely climb and scale any kind of terrain found in the world, from the mountains to even large enemies as well as use the brand-new Paraglider to travel from one point of the map to another with ease. New abilities such as Ascend and Recall make it even easier to maximize your creativity to traverse the world, so the absence of the Hookshot is barely felt by most of the player base.

Summing It Up

Legend Of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is shaping up to become a potential Game of the Year candidate as it surpasses its prequel in almost every conceivable way and doubles down on the criticisms. You might also want to check out our Review of the Legend Of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, which easily serves as a reminder of why it has managed to impress critics and fans alike who had been waiting for the release since the first reveal.

So, which Edition are you getting? Are you excited for the next saga in Link’s journey as he overcomes the dark calamity and terror of Ganondorf? Do state your experience in the comments section below, and hopefully, you are enjoying the game so far, even without the fondly remembered, Hookshot tool.

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