Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom ending explained



If you’re curious about what happens in the ending of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, let us explain it all to you. Link goes on a great journey with the rebirth of Ganondorf, which threatens to engulf the entire world in darkness. He learns how this story ends and what happens.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers related to the ending of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Read at your own risk.

A final battle with the Demon King

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom ending, Link successfully restores the Master Sword and uses it to defeat the Demon King, Ganondorf. Even though the Hero of Hyrule manages to defeat the Demon King in one-on-one combat, Ganondorf unleashes his final trick of transforming into a Demon Dragon. Princess Zelda, who is in her dragon form, arrives to help Link against Ganondorf.

The entire final fight takes place in the clouds, with Link jumping between Ganondorf’s Demon Dragon and Princess Zelda’s Light Dragon to defeat the Demon King by damaging the Eyes of Malice scattered around his dragon form. Once Link is on top of the Dragon of Light, he can ride it and control where it moves for a short time. This allows him to position himself above the Demon Dragon and drop from above while he damages the projectiles Ganondorf sends at him.

Link and the Light Dragon vs Demon Dragon

After all the Eyes of Malice have been destroyed, Link moves to destroy the secret stone on top of the Demon Dragon, which ultimately defeats Ganondorf for good and restores peace to Hyrule. However, all is not well because Zelda is being weakened by her participation in the final battle.

Link restores Zelda’s original form

After the battle with Ganondorf, Link focuses the power of his arm that Rauru gave him to heal Zelda’s dragon form. As soon as Link does so, the spectral forms of Rauru and Hylia appear next to him to help him. With her combined powers, Link not only heals Princess Zelda, but also returns her to her original form.

This is a big problem, as the previous events leading up to this moment assured us that the Light Dragon form Zelda willingly turned into was permanent. However, Link was able to return to his old self after a supposedly unbreakable spell. Once the spell is broken, both Rauru and Sonia hold hands as they gently disappear, causing the sand around Link to dissolve.

Link wakes up from a free fall and immediately sees Zelda, now back to her old self, falling unconscious under him. He dives faster to catch her, this time being able to do so successfully in contrast to her failure earlier in the game. Link pulls Zelda into a tight hug as they land in a small lake. He then sees the Hero of Hyrule lifting Princess Zelda out of the water before laying her down on the grass.

Link catches Zelda in the ending of Tears of the Kingdom

As Link and Zelda look into the distance at Hyrule Castle now free of Ganondorf’s corruption, the princess tells Link that she has been dreaming all along. Zelda thanks him before the game properly reaches its ending.

Tears of the Kingdom Post Credits

After the credits, Link and his friends arrive at a huge structure in the sky and are greeted by Mineru, who wants to share the view with them. Mineru tells Link and her companions how Zelda managed to transform back into her original form, which she explains thanks to Rauru and Sonia’s ability to channel her powers through Link. She tells them that they no longer need her help because they have proven themselves capable.

When Zelda turns around, Hyrule’s new champions vow to stand by her and safeguard the land. Mineru is satisfied with this and tells them that Rauru and Sonia will be happy to hear about it. She thanks the heroes one last time before her spirit projection finally joins her siblings.

And that’s the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom ending explained. This article should clarify what happened in detail. Also, learn more about Tears of the Kingdom from our other guides.



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