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In Zeld Tears of the Kingdom, players will see four dragons flying above different regions of Hyrule. The game introduces Dinraal Tears of the Kingdom as the Fire Dragon. Players can usually see it wandering in the Eldin’s mountainous regions or Deep Akkala’s areas. However, finding Dinraal is difficult as it keeps flying around different areas. But there’s nothing to be worried about as in this guide, I will share the locations where Dinraal can be found. 

Key Takeaways

  • There are four dragons featured in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.
  • Dinraal is the Fire Dragon, one of the four dragons.
  • Dinraal can be found in the Eldin Mountains and sometimes close to Deep Akkala and Akkala Highlands.
  • It enters Hyrule through the Chasm close to the Akkala Highlands from the Depths.
  • And goes back into the Depths through the Chasm close to the Great Hyrule Forest.
  • The following items can be obtained from the Fire Dragon:
    1. Shard of Dinraal’s Fang
    2. Shard of Dinraal’s Spike
    3. Dinraal’s Claw
    4. Dinraal’s Scale
  • All of these materials can be fused with different weapons to increase the amount of damage dealt to enemies.
  • Players should have the following items before landing on Dinraal’s Back.
    1. Food that provides Heat Resistance
    2. Armor With Flamegaurd

Where To Find Dinraal

Kicking off things with Dinraal’s prominent locations, Dinraal likes to hang out in the mountainous areas, such as the mountainous regions of Eldin and sometimes in Deep Akkala and Akkala Highlands. However, I was able to find Dinraal close to the Deep Akkala. Follow the steps provided below to find Dinraal in the exact location where I found him.

  1. Fast travel to the Jochi-iu Shrine.
  2. From the shrine, head in the northeast direction.
  3. You will see a giant fire dragon flying above in the sky.
    Sighting of the Fire Dragon
     Sighting of the Fire Dragon
  4. Follow the dragon until you reach the end of the cliff.
  5. You will see rocks falling from the sky.
    Rocks falling from sky
     Rocks falling from the Sky
  6. Jump and glide onto one of the rocks.
  7. Use the recall ability to rewind the rock’s position back into the sky.
    Using Recall on rock
     Using Recall
  8. Once you are above the dragon, glide off the rock onto the dragon’s back.
    Gliding to get on Dinraal's Back
     Gliding to get on Dinraal’s Back
  9. Now you can collect all the materials that can be obtained from Dinraal.

However, you will not be guaranteed to find Dinraal in the same position as mine. So, in that case, you can use the map for help that I have provided below, as it contains the other locations where Dinraal can be found.


Dinraal's Flying Route
Dinraal’s Flying Route

The map shows Drinraal’s flying route. Dinraal emerges from the Depths through the Akkala Highlands Chasm. Following through, Dinraal wraps around the Death Mountain, passing the Elding Mountains, and enters the Depths again through the Eldin Mountains Chasm. So, Dinraal can usually be found flying around these areas. 

Dinraal The Fire Dragon

As mentioned above, four Spirit Dragons are featured in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. And Dinraal is one of them. An enormous fire dragon makes its home in the Eldin region and occasionally soars above the Deep Akkala area.

Dinraal, The Fire Dragon

Dinraal has a long, serpent-like body adorned with red scales. It has yellow eyes and distinctive crystal spikes on its back. Dinraal can bestow rare materials upon those who engage with it. These materials can be used to imbue shields and weapons with fiery effects. The materials include:

  • Shard of Dinraal’s Fang: Shard of Dinraa’s Fang can be acquired by striking Dinraal’s face with an arrow.
  • Shard of Dinraal’s Spike: Obtain this material by collecting the crystal spike on Dinraal’s back.
  • Dinraal’s Claw: To obtain this material, one has to strike Dinraal’s feet with an arrow. 
  • Dinraal’s Scale: Acquire this material by striking Dinraal’s body with a weapon after landing on its back.

Getting On Dinraal’s Back

In order to get some of the materials, you have to land on Dinraal’s back. But landing on its back is difficult as the air around Dinraal is hot and constantly burns. So, you will most likely need the following items to get on Dinraal’s back Safely.

  • Heat Resistance Food
  • Armor With Flamegaurd

The heat resistance food provides resistance to heat, and it is necessary to use it in this case because Dinraal is a fire dragon whose body is normally full of flames. So, you will need heat resistance for sure. The food I cooked, in this case, is the Chilly Mushroom Skewer, which provides five minutes of heat resistance.

Secondly, you will require Armor with Flameguard. The armor that I used to land on Dinraal’s back is the Flamebreaker Armor. This armor provides the Flameguard along with Heat resistance. So, it can be a good choice to counter the heat that Dinraal emits. 


With all the information regarding Dinraal’s location, my guide on the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom ends. In this guide, I have mentioned the locations where players can find Dinraal. Although there is no exact location, players must always keep themselves ready to encounter Dinraal while completing quests in the areas mentioned in this guide.

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