Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Best Shields (Top 13)

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In the perilous world of Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, selecting the most effective shield is crucial for Link’s survival. With a staggering array of 36 shields to choose from, careful consideration is essential. Each shield possesses unique attributes that can greatly impact Link’s defense against enemies.

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Key Takeaways

  • Zelda Tears of the Kingdom features a total of 36 shields, and not all of them offer a high defense. 
  • While there are many shields that you can get early on in the game, you must keep going after the following best shields & give Link the best damage resistance possible:  
    1. Shield of Mind’s Eye: Your perfect sidekick for a stealth-based approach with its compact design and decent defense.
    2. Soldier’s Shield: A solid, all-around choice for beginners, providing balanced defense without any frills.
    3. Gerudo Shield: Ideal for style-conscious players, offering reasonable protection with a unique, cultural design.
    4. Dragonbone Boko Shield: High in durability, ideal for those who face combat regularly and prefer a shield with a fierce aesthetic.
    5. Radiant Shield: An elegant choice for players who value high-speed shield surfing alongside decent protection.
    6. Steel Lizal Shield: A sturdy and dependable option, particularly effective against fire attacks.
    7. Knight’s Shield: Offers a robust defense and durability, ideal for players progressing into higher-level gameplay.
    8. Daybreaker: Exceptionally durable with a beautiful design, a perfect fit for those keen on a blend of form and function.
    9. Mighty Zonaite Shield: Exemplary for energy-efficient combat, offering robust defense and complementing the use of Zonai devices.
    10. Royal Shield: Suited for players who value a balance of style and high defense, with a touch of royal aesthetic.
    11. Savage Lynel Shield: Ideal for those not afraid to tackle the fiercest foes, offering high defense against brutal attacks.
    12. Royal Guard’s Shield: High stopping power paired with Sheikah technology, best for players who can handle its low durability.
    13. Hylian Shield: The epitome of defense in Hyrule, perfect for critical encounters and renowned for its iconic status.

Comparison Of The Best Shields in Tears of the Kingdom

I have ranked all the best Tears of the Kingdom shields based on the defense rating they offer & have compared each one of them here in the table. 

S.no Shield’s Name Defense Rating
13 Shield of Mind’s Eye 16
12 Soldier’s Shield 16
11 Gerudo Shield 20
10 Dragonbone Boko Shield 25
9 Radiant Shield 35
8 Steel Lizal Shield 35
7 Knight’s Shield 40
6 Daybreaker 48
5 Mighty Zonaite Shield 50
4 Royal Shield 55
3 Savage Lynel Shield 62
2 Royal Guard’s Shield 70
1 Hylian Shield 90

13. Shield of Mind’s Eye

Shield of Mind’s Eye

The Shield of Mind’s Eye in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a compact Sheikah creation. It’s a one-handed shield with a base defense and durability rating of 16, designed to minimize blind spots without compromising defense.

How To Get

To get this shield, you’ll have to tag along with Olkin as he ventures to the Ring Ruins to clear out the Bokoblins. Be prepared, and this is not a simple task. Olkin won’t just hand over the Shield of Mind’s Eye; you must help him vanquish the Bokoblins. Once completed, Olkin rewards you with the shield, recognizing your valor and assistance.


  • Compact design, easy to handle
  • Solid defense rating of 16
  • Decreases blind spots during battle


  • Durability is only 16, can break easily
  • Not suitable for heavy combat situations
  • Not the highest defense among all shields

Best Feature Of Shield of Mind’s Eye

When it comes to defense, the Shield of Mind’s Eye shines despite its lower durability. It’s not the strongest shield in the game, but its unique design allows for increased visibility in battles, a vital edge when facing multiple enemies. It balances protection and agility, enabling swift reactions to incoming attacks.

This design feature makes it a valuable asset to fuse with other shields, especially when in combat scenarios requiring quick reflexes and strategic positioning. While it might not absorb the heaviest of hits, it certainly offers a unique way of bolstering Link’s defenses.

12. Soldier’s Shield

Soldier’s Shield

The Soldier’s Shield in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a former staple of Hyrule Castle’s guards. This metal shield boasts a base protection of 16, combining ease of use with decent defense, though it can’t handle fire due to its wooden core.

How To Get

You’ll find the Soldier’s Shield mainly in two places: Hyrule Field and Eldin Canyon. Bokoblins frequently drop it, so confronting these foes can be a way to acquire it. Be warned, though: Bokoblins can be tough opponents, but their defeat often leads to this valuable shield being yours.


  • Offers solid protection with a defense rating of 16
  • Easy to handle, suitable for different combat scenarios
  • Metal construction breaks incoming arrows


  • Vulnerable to fire due to its wooden core
  • Attracts lightning, posing an additional threat
  • Not as durable as some other shields

Best Feature of Soldier’s Shield

The Soldier’s Shield, despite its cons, makes a strong case as one of the best Tears of the Kingdom shields in terms of defense. Its metal structure makes it a formidable barrier against enemy attacks, especially the arrows that simply shatter upon impact. This unique feature allows Link to face archer enemies head-on without worry.

Additionally, its ease of use makes it accessible in various combat situations, allowing Link to maintain his agility and speed. Despite its susceptibility to fire and lightning, the Soldier’s Shield, when used wisely, can serve as an effective tool in bolstering Link’s defenses.

11. Gerudo Shield

Gerudo Shield

The Gerudo Shield in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is one of the best items. This metallic shield, with a defense and durability rating of 20, has evolved over time to complement Gerudo’s unique sword-and-shield combat style and is appreciated by soldiers and travelers alike.

How To Get

To obtain the Gerudo Shield, you’ll have to brave the harsh conditions of the Gerudo Desert and Gerudo Highlands. Look for a chest nestled beneath a giant rib cage at coordinates -4659, -1986, 0025. Be prepared, and there’s a formidable foe guarding this prize. If you’re successful, the chest should yield the Gerudo Shield. Alternatively, continually reloading the game before opening the chest can grant you this shield.


  • High defense and durability score of 20
  • Breaks incoming arrows due to its metal composition
  • Adapted to Gerudo’s fighting style


  • Vulnerable to lightning
  • Difficult to acquire due to harsh environment
  • Protection against fire is limited

Best Feature of Gerudo Shield

Despite its challenging acquisition process, the Gerudo Shield provides stellar defense, making it a strong contender for the best Tears of the Kingdom shield. Its metallic build allows it to shatter arrows on impact, granting Link an advantage against archer enemies.

The shield’s design, shaped by the Gerudo’s unique fighting style, provides an added edge in combat situations, particularly when paired with swordplay. Even though it’s vulnerable to lightning and fire, the Gerudo Shield, when used effectively, can offer an exceptional defense, fortifying Link’s resistance against a wide range of enemy attacks.

10. Dragonbone Boko Shield

Dragonbone Boko Shield

The Dragonbone Boko Shield, found in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, is a sturdy shield with a base protection of 25. Made from a Boko shield reinforced with fossilized bone, it has good defensive power but falls short in durability.

How To Get

Acquiring this shield requires a visit to the Gerudo Highlands or the Gerudo Desert. This shield is a common find in these areas but beware: these regions are home to numerous dangerous creatures and harsh environmental conditions. Be prepared for a challenge while you search for the Dragonbone Boko Shield.


  • High base protection rating of 25
  • Wooden structure allows for safe arrow blocking
  • Resistant to lightning attacks


  • Low durability due to its craftsmanship
  • Vulnerable to fire, as it’s made of wood
  • Must be found in challenging locations

Best Feature of Dragonbone Boko Shield 

Despite its limited durability, the Dragonbone Boko Shield stands out as an excellent defensive tool. Its base protection of 25 provides robust protection against enemies & bosses attacks. Furthermore, its wooden structure allows Link to block arrows safely, potentially adding them to his inventory.

This feature offers a unique advantage during ranged combat. Moreover, it provides safety against lightning attacks, an edge metal shields lack. All these elements together make the Dragonbone Boko Shield an excellent addition to Link’s defensive gear, particularly when maneuverability and ranged defense are critical.

9. Radiant Shield

Radiant Shield

The Radiant Shield in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a symbol of honor, typically bestowed upon Gerudo warriors who achieve the rank of captain. With a defense rating of 35 and durability of 26, this metal shield pairs luxury with impressive combat ability.

How To Get

To get your hands on the Radiant Shield, venture into the Gerudo Desert or Gerudo Highlands. But remember, these are tough regions to navigate, filled with formidable foes. The Radiant Shield is a common find in these places, making your journey worthwhile.


  • High defense rating of 35
  • Solid durability score of 26
  • Metal construction breaks incoming arrows


  • Attracts lightning, posing an additional threat
  • Limited availability in challenging environments
  • Vulnerable to fire due to its metallic composition

Best Feature of Radiant Shield

Despite the potential downsides, the Radiant Shield shines as a premier defensive tool. It offers a high defense rating that provides substantial protection against enemy attacks. Its metal structure shatters incoming arrows, allowing Link to confront ranged threats confidently.

Moreover, its durability ensures it lasts longer in combat than many other shields. While it does attract lightning and is vulnerable to fire, proper use and strategic decision-making can mitigate these risks. In terms of its defense capabilities, the Radiant Shield is indeed radiant, serving as a reliable guardian for Link in his adventurous journey.

8. Steel Lizal Shield

Steel Lizal Shield

The Steel Lizal Shield in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a sturdy defense tool. It comes with a hefty defense rating of 35, but its considerable weight demands a skilled hand for effective use. The shield is reinforced with metal shells for heightened protection.

How To Get

To find the Steel Lizal Shield, you’ll need to navigate the challenging terrains of the Gerudo Desert or Mount Lanayru. These locations are popular spots for this shield, but they’re also known for their hostile environment and tough enemies.


  • High defense rating of 35
  • Reinforced with metal shells for added durability


  • Requires a skilled soldier due to its heavy weight
  • Found in challenging environments
  • Metal composition makes it vulnerable to lightning

Best Feature of Steel Lizal Shield 

While the Steel Lizal Shield requires some skill to handle due to its weight, its excellent defensive capability makes it a powerful ally in Link’s arsenal. With a high defense rating, this shield can stand up to some of the toughest enemy attacks.

Furthermore, its reinforcement with metal shells increases not only its defensive capacity but also its durability. The shield’s weight, which may be seen as a drawback, ensures stability during combat, particularly against hefty blows. Despite its susceptibility to lightning, the Steel Lizal Shield is a great choice when strength and durability are paramount in your defense strategy.

7. Knight’s Shield

Knight’s Shield

In Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the Knight’s Shield is a trusted ally of those serving the Hyrulean royal family. Made of sturdy metal, it boasts a robust defense of 40, demanding skilled handling due to its weight.

How To Get

To locate the Knight’s Shield, players must venture into the arid expanses of the Gerudo Desert or delve into the depths of the Tabantha Frontier. These challenging locations often reward successful adventurers with this formidable shield.


  • High defense rating of 40
  • Robust and durable due to metal construction


  • Heavyweight requires skilled handling
  • Found in potentially hazardous locations

Best Feature of Knight’s Shield

The Knight’s Shield’s potential as the best Tears of the Kingdom Shield defensive tool in Link’s arsenal is hard to deny. It offers an impressively high defense rating, promising to ward off even the harshest of enemy blows. Its robust metal construction guarantees its durability, providing a reliable shield in the face of prolonged battles.

While its weight calls for a certain level of skill, this can be an advantage, ensuring the shield remains stable in combat against powerful adversaries. Despite the difficulty in acquiring the Knight’s Shield due to its challenging locations, the defense and peace of mind it provides Link make it an unrivaled choice.

6. Daybreaker


The Daybreaker Shield is a significant piece in the Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, a cherished possession of Gerudo Champion Urbosa. Made with carefully selected gold, this shield marries lightweight handling with impressive durability, offering 48 defense and 60 durability points.

How To Get

To acquire the Daybreaker Shield, you must venture into Gerudo Town. After defeating the creature controlling the Divine Beast, you’re rewarded with this legendary shield. However, there’s a catch. The shield degrades over time and eventually breaks. It can be repaired using the Rock Octorock system, but this comes at the steep cost of 2000 rupees and four diamonds.


  • High defense and durability
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Resilient due to gold construction


  • Can degrade and break over time
  • Expensive to repair

Best Feature of Daybreaker Shield 

The Daybreaker Shield stands out as one of the best defensive tools in the game. With a solid defense rating and high durability, it provides Link with excellent protection against enemy attacks. Its lightweight design ensures swift reactions during combat, giving Link an edge over his foes.

The golden construction doesn’t just make it durable but also less likely to succumb to elemental attacks. Despite the high cost of repair, the Daybreaker Shield’s reliability in the heat of battle justifies the investment, marking it as a potent safeguard in Link’s journey.

5. Mighty Zonaite Shield

Mighty Zonaite Shield

The Mighty Zonaite Shield is a force to be reckoned with in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Crafted by the ancient Zonai and made from sturdy Zonaite, it has a base defense of 50. Its unique ability lies in efficiently harnessing energy cells from an attached Zonai device.

How To Get

Getting your hands on the Mighty Zonaite Shield involves some puzzle-solving inside the Gemimik Shrine. In this hidden Shrine, you’ll have to navigate through tricky paths and face challenges. Once you overcome them, you’ll find the shield nestled inside a treasure chest, waiting to be claimed.


  • Strong defense rating of 50
  • Highly durable due to Zonaite construction
  • Can efficiently use energy from an attached Zonai device


  • Requires challenging puzzle-solving to acquire
  • Limited to using energy from Zonai devices

Best Feature of Mighty Zonaite Shield 

The Mighty Zonaite Shield excels as a top-tier protective tool in the game. Its high defense rating and durability make it a reliable shield in battles, absorbing enemy hits and ensuring Link’s safety. The unique feature of efficiently using energy from a Zonai device adds to its utility, opening up possibilities for unique strategic approaches. Although it requires solving puzzles in the Gemimik Shrine to get, the reward is well worth the effort. Hence, its defensive capabilities and versatile energy use make it by far the best Tears of the Kingdom shields Link can possess.

4. Royal Shield

Royal Shield

The Royal Shield in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a symbol of nobility. Originally designed for the royal family’s guard, it’s as much a piece of art as it is a defensive tool, with a defense rating of 55 and durability of 29.

How To Get

To find the Royal Shield, you’ll need to venture to a tower located northeast of the Second Gatehouse. The journey may not be easy, but the reward is worth it. Inside a chest in this tower, the Royal Shield awaits the worthy adventurer.


  • High defense rating of 55
  • Durable with a rating of 29
  • Beautiful design makes it a valuable collectible


  • Can be challenging to locate

Best Feature of Royal Shield 

In defense terms, the Royal Shield stands among the best shields in the game. It’s high defense rating of 55 ensures that Link is well-protected in any battle situation. The shield’s durability of 29 adds to its reliability, withstanding blows without breaking easily.

Its unique aesthetic adds a level of prestige and distinction, reflecting its royal lineage. However, it’s more than just a pretty face – this shield is a practical defensive powerhouse that serves Link well in his journey across Hyrule. Its combination of defense, durability, and beauty truly sets it apart.

3. Savage Lynel Shield

Savage Lynel Shield

The Savage Lynel Shield is the cream of the crop in the world of shields. Made by the white-haired Lynels, the toughest of their kind, this shield boasts a defense of 62 and a durability of 20, allowing it to endure the most punishing attacks.

How To Get

To lay your hands on this formidable piece of defense, you’ll need to challenge a white-haired Lynel. These powerful adversaries can be found at several locations across Hyrule in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Prepare yourself well for a tough fight, as Lynels are among the strongest foes in the game. Defeating them can be a tall task, but the reward – the Savage Lynel Shield – is worth the effort.


  • High defense rating of 62
  • Durable, with a rating of 20
  • Excellent for deflecting attacks


  • Challenging to acquire
  • Lower durability than some other shields

Best Feature of Savage Lynel Shield 

The Savage Lynel Shield is a top-tier shield due to its exceptional defense capabilities. With a defense rating of 62, it’s capable of withstanding aggressive attacks, making it ideal for encounters with strong enemies. The ability to cut down powerful foes when deflecting adds another layer of utility.

While its durability is not the highest, at a rating of 20, its defensive prowess more than makes up for this, and being able to deflect powerful attacks can be a game-changer in intense combat situations. Simply put, this shield serves as a solid wall between Link and imminent danger.

2. Royal Guard’s Shield

Royal Guard’s Shield

The Royal Guard’s Shield, crafted using ancient Sheikah tech, is a defensive marvel in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Offering a staggering defense rating of 70 and a durability of 14, it’s designed for unparalleled stopping power, despite its structural fragility.

How To Get

Acquiring this mighty shield requires a trip to Hyrule Castle. Located in the Second Gatehouse, you’ll need stamina-boosting the best recipes for the journey. Launch from Lookout Landing Skyview Tower, glide north to the castle, and navigate to the castle’s backside. The shield, along with other Royal Guard equipment, is found here, making it an adventurous hunt for better defense.


  • High defense rating of 70
  • Crafted with Sheikah technology


  • Durability rating of 14
  • Complex to acquire

Best Feature of Royal Guard’s Shield 

The Royal Guard’s Shield reigns supreme in defense. With a defense rating of 70, it provides superior protection, blocking even the most potent of enemy attacks. The Sheikah technology used in its construction grants it incredible stopping power, meaning it can effectively halt incoming attacks, offering Link valuable time to strategize or counter-attack.

Its durability may not be its strongest feature, but this shield’s defense capability makes it a worthwhile piece of equipment, serving as a dependable line of defense against threats. In essence, it’s like carrying a small fortress on your arm.

1. Hylian Shield

Hylian Shield

The Hylian Shield, recognized as a classic symbol of Link’s adventure, is a powerhouse in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. With an unmatched defense of 90, this shield, while challenging to acquire, promises an extraordinary level of protection.

How To Get

To secure the Hylian Shield, you must brave the docks under Hyrule Castle. Ensure you have fire-starting equipment and gear for potential fights. Embark on your journey via a boat, aiming for the castle’s northwest moat. Upon finding the hidden docks, ascend the stairs and prepare for an encounter with five Gloom Hands and Phantom Ganon (not to be confused with Ganondorf). Defeat or bypass them and light the central brazier to reveal the prized Hylian Shield.


  • High defense value of 90
  • Iconic and aesthetically pleasing


  • Requires a challenging journey to obtain
  • Costly to replace if broken

Best Feature of Hylian Shield

The Hylian Shield stands as an unbeatable defense tool in Link’s arsenal. With its defense score of 90, it surpasses all other shields in resisting enemy assaults, allowing Link to endure even the most powerful attacks. This resilience, combined with the iconic status of the Hylian Shield, makes it an invaluable asset for crucial battles.

Hylian Shield’s significant defensive capabilities mean that, when wielded, Link is virtually carrying an impenetrable fortress with him, providing an edge in every confrontation. While it may be challenging to get and costly to replace, the Hylian Shield is worth every bit of effort for the extraordinary defense it offers.


With this, I summarize my Tears of the Kingdom Best Shield guide. Now that you know about the amazing shields, which one are you going after besides the Hylian Shield? Just in case you move on to the next read, do consider visiting Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Dinraal, Master Cycle Guide, Where Is Foothill Stable, and Bubble Gem guides. 


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