Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)



Starting the vast journey of Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is thrilling but also daunting for newcomers. The game’s intricate mechanics and sprawling world can be overwhelming. A Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Beginners guide, replete with essential tips and tricks, can be a lifesaver, smoothing the path for newcomers and transforming the daunting into manageable and enjoyable.

Key Takeaways

  • Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a vast open-world game, which means without focused objectives and effective strategies, you could find yourself aimlessly exploring rather than making significant progress.
  • Here are 20 Best Zelda Tears of the Kingdom:
    1. Upgrade your Energy Cell or use Batteries for Zonai Devices to extend your exploration capacity.
    2. Ready a Hot Air Balloon for long-distance gliding to reach distant locations faster.
    3. At a Goddess Statue, make strategic choices to respec hearts or stamina based on your playstyle.
    4. Increase your inventory slots by trading Korok Seeds with Hestu.
    5. Cook food to receive situational buffs that can help in battles or exploration.
    6. Farm ingredients and materials efficiently using the Purah Pad Sensor.
    7. Manage weapon degradation effectively with the Fuse system.
    8. Use Gloom weapons as Fuse Materials to increase your weapon durability.
    9. Employ Sneakstrikes, parries, and Flurry Rush in combat for effective damage.
    10. Attach different materials to your arrows for additional effects during combat.
    11. Use the mid-air aiming to slow down time and line up precise shots.
    12. Practice new skills on the Great Sky Island before heading into difficult territories.
    13. Progress the plot to unlock the first Skyview Tower and your paraglider for increased mobility.
    14. Pick up materials and resources found in the environment for crafting and upgrades.
    15. Engage in combat for potential rewards and materials.
    16. Utilize new powers creatively to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.
    17. Activate Shrines to create fast travel points across the map.
    18. Discover Skyview Towers to uncover more of the map and reveal points of interest.
    19. Find and view Geoglyphs to gain insights into the game’s story and lore.
    20. Construct and upgrade a new home in Tarrey Town for storage and a sense of permanence in the game world.

1. Upgrade Your Energy Cell Or Use Batteries For Zonai Devices

Energy Cell

In “The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom”, the Energy Cell is a critical component that powers Zonai Devices, ancient machinery integral to your adventure. As a novice explorer, it’s vital to keep these devices active. The Energy Cell, however, will gradually deplete while powering the devices, posing a potential hindrance. Fear not, for the solution lies in upgrading the Energy Cell’s capacity or using supplementary Batteries.

  • Collect resources scattered throughout Hyrule, and invest them in upgrading your Energy Cell’s capacity.
  • This means less frequent power interruptions, letting you utilize Zonai Devices for longer periods.
  • Alternatively, Batteries and Big Batteries offer another viable solution.
  • These can be attached to your Zonai Devices, ensuring they remain operational even as your Energy Cell’s power wanes.
  • It’s like having a backup generator in the palm of your hand!

2. Ready Hot Air Balloon For Long Distance Gliding

Hot Air Balloon

In “The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom”, one of the novel ways to traverse the expansive world of Hyrule is via Hot Air Balloon. This isn’t merely a leisurely mode of travel; it’s a tactical method for reaching far-off destinations swiftly and safely.

  • To begin your airborne journey, you’ll need to prepare a Hot Air Balloon.
  • Although it might seem daunting at first, the process is simple and intuitive.
  • Once ready, Link can effortlessly glide across vast landscapes, bypassing hazardous terrain and enemy encounters.

Apart from providing an advantageous vantage point to spot hidden treasures or points of interest, this skyward mode of travel also allows you to plan your next move strategically, making it a key part of your adventure toolkit. Remember, in Tears of the Kingdom, the sky is not the limit but a new frontier.

3. Respec Hearts Or Stamina At A Goddess Statue

Respec Hearts Or Stamina At A Goddess Statue

Another helpful tip I can give you in this Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Beginners guide is that navigating through the game’s world requires a healthy balance between Link’s health (hearts) and stamina. The game offers an innovative mechanism to customize this balance to cater to your playstyle: the Goddess Statues.

  • These divine effigies, such as the prominent one in Lookout Landing, offer a unique trade-off.
  • By offering four Blessings of Light, collected primarily from Shrines across Hyrule, you can either boost your heart count or stamina segment.
  • This flexibility allows you to build a resilient Link or a highly energetic one, depending on your strategy.

Moreover, the game further empowers you with the ability to respec, letting you switch your previously chosen enhancements. If you find your heart-heavy Link struggling with stamina-demanding tasks or your agile Link often at the brink of death, visit a Goddess Statue. In exchange for a modest fee, you can reallocate your enhancements, fine-tuning Link to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

4. Increase Your Inventory Slots Via Korok Seeds

Your Inventory Slots Via Korok Seeds

In The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, managing your inventory space is a crucial step. You start with limited room for melee weapons, bows, and shields. But fret not, Korok Seeds found scattered across Hyrule, are your solution to this conundrum. These magical seeds are accepted by the jovial character, Hestu, who, in return, gladly expands your inventory.

  • As you explore the landscape, keep an eye out for playful Koroks hiding in plain sight or camouflaged within puzzles.
  • They reward you with their seeds once discovered.
  • These seeds are not just collectibles; they serve a practical purpose.
  • Take them to Hestu, a large, maraca-shaking creature found in various locations in Hyrule.
  • Each time you trade with him, he’ll dance joyously, and your inventory will gain an extra slot for a weapon type of your choice.
  • Remember, the more Korok Seeds you collect, the more you can carry, equipping you better for your adventures.

5. Cook Food For Situational Buffs

Cook Food For Situational Buffs

Navigating the expansive world of The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom calls for more than just weapons and skills. It requires the strategic use of food buffs, a unique mechanic where cooking becomes your best ally. The art of cooking in Hyrule is simple yet nuanced. Ingredients, when cooked together in a pot, transform into meals that grant Link beneficial effects, or ‘buffs’.

  • Consider your current situation or an upcoming challenge, and tailor your meals accordingly.
  • Heading toward a frosty region? A meal using Spicy Pepper will provide a warming buff, safeguarding Link against the biting cold.
  • About to engage with a formidable boss? Whip up an attack-boosting meal to give you that extra edge in battle.

Cooking isn’t just about sustenance; it’s about strategizing in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Different ingredients offer different buffs, so experiment with combinations to discover a variety of meals. Always remember, a well-fed hero is a well-prepared hero.

6. Farm Ingredients & Materials Using Purah Pad Sensor

Purah Pad Sensor

Embarking on your journey in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom isn’t just about conquering foes and exploring new lands. It’s also about clever resource gathering, made easier by the Purah Pad Sensor. This tool is a game-changer for all aspiring Hyrule survivalists, as it streamlines the process of tracking and collecting vital ingredients and materials.

  • The Purah Pad’s Camera and Sensor+ upgrades allow you to snap a photo of any ingredient or material you encounter in the wild.
  • Once documented, these items can then be tracked via the Sensor, leading you directly to them wherever they might be found in the vast expanse of Hyrule.
  • This function is incredibly helpful when you’re seeking specific resources for crafting, cooking, or other survival needs.

Remember, farming isn’t just a side task; it’s a crucial part of your survival strategy. Utilize the Purah Pad Sensor to its full potential and let it guide you toward resource abundance.

7. Manage Weapon Degradation Via Fuse System

In Tears of the Kingdom, weapon degradation can be a daunting challenge. Your trusty sword might not stay trusty for long, but don’t despair – the Fuse system is here to help. This innovative mechanic allows you to fuse items or weapons with your current armament, effectively boosting their attack power and durability.

  • Each item in the game has an inherent “Fuse attack power,” which is essentially its damage per second (DPS) rating.
  • By fusing a high-DPS item or weapon onto a lower-quality weapon, you can significantly increase its effectiveness.
  • This process can even turn a simple club into a formidable tool of destruction.
  • It’s also worth noting that the Fuse system isn’t just for weapons.
  • Shields and even some armor pieces can benefit from the mechanic, increasing their defensive capabilities.
  • So get creative, experiment with different combinations, and turn that seemingly weak weapon into a powerhouse.
  • Remember, it’s not about what you have; it’s about how you use it.

8. Use Gloom Weapons As Fuse Materials

Gloom Weapons

Gloom weapons are a unique kind of equipment you’ll encounter. While they dish out impressive damage, wielding them comes with a cost – each strike inflicts Gloom, a debuff that essentially locks your heart, preventing it from receiving healing.

  • Here’s where the brilliance of the Fuse system comes to the forefront.
  • These high-damage Gloom weapons can be used not as primary weapons but as Fuse materials.
  • When you Fuse a Gloom weapon onto another weapon, you gain substantial attack power without the drawback of the Gloom debuff.
  • In essence, you’re taking the sting out of the scorpion.
  • This gives Gloom weapons a very special role in your arsenal.

While Gloom weapons may appear dangerous to use outright, their real value lies not in their use but in their potential to enhance your other weapons. So when you come across these mysterious Gloom weapons, think not of the danger but of the opportunity they present, as this could turn out to be the most valuable tip from the Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Beginners guide.

9. Employ Sneakstrikes, Parries & Flurry Rush

Mastering the combat techniques in Tears of the Kingdom can turn the tide of any encounter in your favor. One such tactic is the Sneakstrike, a stealthy approach where you slip undetected behind an enemy, then deliver a powerful blow with the Y button. This technique packs a punch and can quickly eliminate unsuspecting foes.

  • Parrying, another useful skill, involves using your shield to deflect an incoming attack.
  • To execute a successful parry, lock onto your enemy with ZL, and right when they’re about to strike, press the A button.
  • Not only will you deflect their attack, but there’s a good chance they’ll drop their weapon, giving you an opportunity to Fuse it onto your own.

Flurry Rush is another essential combat strategy. To execute a Flurry Rush, lock onto an opponent with ZL, and when they’re about to strike, dodge sideways or backward. This triggers a slow-motion state, where Link can unleash a barrage of swift slashes. Master these techniques, and you’ll soon become a formidable force in Hyrule.

10. Attach Materials To Your Arrows For More Effects

Attach Materials To Your Arrows

Unlock new possibilities in combat by attaching different materials to your arrows in Tears of the Kingdom. Combining your arrows with materials allows you to deal with additional effects, making each shot from your bow a strategic decision.

  • Use a Bomb Flower attachment for explosive results, causing area damage upon impact. Perfect for crowd control, especially when enemies group together.
  • Conversely, attaching Chillshrooms gives your arrows freezing effects, momentarily paralyzing enemies and making them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

For enemies with high defenses, consider attaching Rock Salt. It reduces enemies’ armor ratings, allowing your subsequent strikes to deal more damage. On the other hand, attaching a Thunderwing Butterfly to your arrows can imbue them with an electric effect, which could stun enemies or even disarm them. To attach materials, go to the inventory, select an arrow, and choose ‘Attach.’ Remember, different enemies, react to different elements, so experiment and find the optimal combinations.

11. Slow Down Time In Mid-Air

In Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, a high-octane move called “Bullet Time” can give you an edge in battle, especially against fast or numerous foes. Initiate this by aiming your weapon while in mid-air; time will slow down, allowing you to aim with greater precision and deliberation.

  • To activate Bullet Time in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, jump from a height and press the aim button. This maneuver is best done from elevated terrain or by using the Hot Air Balloon for a higher vantage point. Remember, this mechanic consumes stamina, so keep an eye on your stamina wheel.

Bullet Time is perfect for landing critical hits on weak points or hitting multiple targets in quick succession. For instance, a well-aimed arrow can disarm a Bokoblin or hit the eye of a Lynel for maximum damage. However, note that this maneuver doesn’t work with all weapons so experiment with different arms in your arsenal for the best results.

12. Master New Skills On Great Sky Island

Great Sky Island provides a perfect training ground for honing your nascent skills. As the gateway to the skies and home to an array of formidable creatures, the locale offers myriad opportunities to master your abilities and understand game mechanics.

  • Experiment with combat strategies against local enemies, such as the airborne Wizzrobes or the agile Sky Octoroks.
  • This firsthand experience will give you an edge in future encounters.
  • The island also harbors a range of topographical features, from steep cliffs to sudden chasms, ideal for practicing movement techniques like gliding or climbing.

The island’s many puzzles and hidden secrets provide a chance to familiarize yourself with puzzle-solving skills, crucial for navigating the game’s dungeons. Moreover, the Great Sky Island’s serene environment makes it a great place to learn cooking and crafting without constant enemy interruptions. Invest time here before venturing into the harsher, more perilous regions of the Kingdom.

13. Unlock First Skyview Tower & Your Paraglider Early

First Skyview Tower & Your Paraglider

An essential early goal for Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Beginners guide is to unlock the first Skyview Tower and receive the paraglider. This milestone is achieved by advancing through the initial stages of the game’s narrative. As you progress, you’ll encounter a series of tasks and puzzles that test your abilities and provide vital game knowledge.

  • Once the Skyview Tower, your first major landmark, is unlocked, it serves as a beacon for further exploration.
  • These towers illuminate sections of your map, providing a wealth of information about the surrounding area.
  • They act as waypoints, marking your progress in the game world.
  • Simultaneously, you’ll be rewarded with the paraglider, an invaluable tool for traversing expansive landscapes.

This device empowers Link to glide across vast distances, access hard-to-reach locations, and evade ground-level threats. Remember, both the tower and the paraglider are instrumental to your journey through the Kingdom, so make unlocking them your early game priority.

14. Pick Up Materials & Resources You Find

An important strategy to adopt from the outset is to collect materials and resources that you encounter in the environment. These can range from plant life to minerals, insects, and more, each carrying a unique purpose and value.

  • In the vast expanses of Hyrule, you’ll stumble upon an array of resources that are instrumental for crafting, cooking, and upgrading your equipment.
  • Do not underestimate the utility of seemingly mundane items.
  • A simple acorn or a chunk of flint might just be the missing component in your next recipe or upgrade.

Furthermore, some resources are required to progress through certain quests or to interact with characters like the Great Fairies, who demand specific items for their services. In short, leave no stone unturned or tree unshaken. The world around you is a treasure trove of useful materials, so be thorough in your exploration and diligent in your resource gathering.

15. Engage In Combat For Potential Rewards

Combat for rewards

Facing your foes head-on is more than a means to survive; it’s a strategy that rewards courage. Engaging in combat is not just about defending yourself from threats; it’s also a wellspring of potential rewards.

  • Taking down enemies isn’t just about vanquishing evil; it’s also about a reliable source of materials, weapons, and even rupees. Enemy encampments, marked by skull-like icons on the map, often guard valuable treasures.
  • Overcoming these challenges can provide you with enhanced gear and resources that are hard to find elsewhere.
  • Additionally, certain enemies drop unique materials, which are necessary for powerful upgrades and crafting rare items.
  • Look out for silver and golden variants of common enemies; they are tougher but offer more valuable loot.

Remember, not every encounter should be approached with brute force. Use strategy, study your enemy’s movements, and make full use of your arsenal. The rewards of combat in Tears of the Kingdom are worth the risk.

16. Utilize New Powers Creatively

As Link, you’re gifted with a variety of abilities that can change the tide in battle and help solve intricate puzzles. Your Sheikah Slate, a magical tablet, houses these powers, including staples like Cryonis, Magnesis, and Stasis, each holding a unique potential beyond their obvious uses.

  • Think outside the box: use Cryonis to create stepping stones in bodies of water or Magnesis to manipulate metallic objects.
  • Stasis, a power that freezes objects in time, can be combined with your weapon’s force to launch items (or enemies) sky-high.
  • This ability can be a tool for clever puzzle-solving or for gaining the upper hand in battles.

These abilities aren’t just tools, and they’re catalysts for creative thinking. Embrace them, experiment, and find new ways to interact with the richly detailed world of Tears of the Kingdom.

17. Activate Shrines For Fast Travel Points

Shrines For Fast Travel

Shrines serve as your lifeline, don’t forget this excellent Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Beginners guide tip. These also act as fast travel points that allow Link to teleport across the kingdom in a flash. Scattered across the game’s open world, these ancient structures are recognized by their distinctive glowing entrances. Upon discovering a Shrine, make sure to activate it by placing your Sheikah Slate on the pedestal. This not only makes the Shrine a new fast travel location but also restores your health completely.

  • In addition to travel convenience, Shrines contain trials that test your combat skills, puzzle-solving abilities, or both.
  • Completing these challenges rewards you with Spirit Orbs, essential for boosting Link’s health and stamina.
  • Remember, Shrines are more than just waypoints; they’re opportunities for growth and exploration in the expansive world of Tears of the Kingdom.

18. Discover Skyview Towers To Uncover Map

Exploration is paramount, and uncovering the game’s detailed map is a crucial part of your journey. Skyview Towers, towering structures scattered throughout the kingdom, play a significant role in this task.

  • When you spot a Skyview Tower, be sure to climb to its peak.
  • Once at the top, use your Sheikah Slate to interface with the tower’s control panel.
  • This action will reveal a significant portion of your map, unveiling previously unknown areas and points of interest.
  • Be aware, though, reaching the top of these towers is not always easy.
  • Some are guarded by enemies or enveloped in environmental hazards, requiring problem-solving or combat skills.

Unlocking Skyview Towers doesn’t just grant you a broader view of the kingdom, and it’s also an opportunity to plan your journey, locate Shrines, and discover unexpected treasures. Never underestimate the power of a good vantage point.

19. Find & View Geoglyphs For Story Insights

In Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the story unfolds through various mechanisms, one of which is the discovery of Geoglyphs. These large rock formations, etched with ancient illustrations, serve as rich sources of lore and narrative cues.

  • Scattered throughout the kingdom, each Geoglyph you encounter provides a piece of the overarching story puzzle.
  • Take the time to examine these intricate carvings; they may reveal backstories, hint at impending challenges, or even provide clues to solve current quests.
  • Remember, the narrative in Zelda games is often non-linear, and these Geoglyphs can provide context that enhances your understanding of the unfolding events.
  • Some may be hidden or in hard-to-reach locations, requiring a keen eye and adventurous spirit to find.

20. Construct A New Home In Tarrey Town

One of the most rewarding aspects is the opportunity to create a sanctuary of your own in Tarrey Town. Building a home isn’t just a cosmetic perk; it offers tangible benefits too. You can store excess weapons, shields, and bows here, freeing up your inventory while ensuring you have backups for intense battles.

  • The construction process involves collecting specific materials like wood and stone, which can be found scattered throughout the kingdom.
  • Once you’ve gathered enough, you can collaborate with the lovable Bolson and his team to bring your dream home to life.
  • Your Tarrey Town residence can also be upgraded over time, providing extra storage and customization options.
  • It’s a satisfying project that gives a sense of permanence and belonging within the game world. 

As you progress through the game, remember to revisit the Zelda Tears of Kingdom tips & tricks to optimize your strategies.

Final Remarks

As I wrap up my Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Beginners guide, remember that becoming proficient at the game is a journey, not a sprint. The outlined tips and tricks are your compass, guiding you through the game’s intricate tapestry. As a beginner, leverage these insights to enhance your gameplay, conquer challenges and unravel the beauty of this vast kingdom. 


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