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Core points of Gamers

You can now unlock a brand new Draw and Sheathe emote in Final Fantasy XIV!

In patch 6.1 of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, a pair of latest battle animation emotes had been added. Titled /draw and /sheathe, these emotes improve the potential of your character to pose, prepare for battle, and in any other case look cool. 

They add distinctive drawing and sheathing animations for all courses, giving an enormous number of actions to the sport. We tried it out on a Samurai, and this pair of animations be sure to’re able to star in your very personal Kurosawa movie… solely with Moogles.

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To unlock them, head to the Gold Saucer. Talk to the Gold Saucer Attendant <Prize Claim> NPC. They’re situated at X: 5.2, Y: 6.6 within the Gold Saucer. Select Prize Echange III and filter by most just lately added.

The pair of emotes are unlocked by buying the 2 Ballroom Etiquette books, Forearmed is Forewarned, and Easily at Ease. The former is for the /draw emote whereas the latter is for the Sheathe emote. Each price 100,000 MGP, so that they’re not low-cost. But with every week or so of MGP grinding they’ll simply be yours.

These emotes are clearly nothing groundbreaking, but it surely’s good to have some selection, particularly whenever you’re making an attempt to make your Warrior of Light look cool within the group pose or screenshot. 

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