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You can now own two more beautiful piano compositions in FFXIV

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy XIV’s impressive musical compositions, you’ll want to pick up these latest two additions to Mog Station, as Square Enix adds two new Orchestrion Rolls to the FFXIV online store. The release was announced via the official Final Fantasy XIV. social networks channels earlier today.

The two Orchestrion Rolls feature a pair of compositions never before heard in Final Fantasy XIV: Crimson Sunset (Piano Collections) and Westward Tide (Piano Collections). Each one is a song you will have heard a hundred times while exploring the far lands of Kugane and the Ruby Sea during the Stormblood expansion. But for the first time, these backing tracks have been covered in Piano, giving them a whole new sound.

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These Piano Collections tracks are not the first solo piano compositions released by Square Enix. Previously, Heroes (Piano Collections) Orchestrion Roll was released on Mog Station. But what makes this and these new Orchestrion Rolls so unique is that buying them is the only way to play them. They do not appear in any other capacity in the game.

As a result, these piano versions of fan-favorite Final Fantasy songs are highly sought after. They are excellent Orchestrions to play in Free Company and personal homes. Or just a great tune to play after a hard day of adventuring in Eorzea in your inn room.

Crimson Sunset (Piano Collections) and Westward Tide (Piano Collections) Orchestral Rolls are available at Mog Station Final Fantasy XIV Store for $5.00 each. Also, each one is for the whole account. So grab your relaxing piano medleys today!

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