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Yearlong Event Adds 20 New Titles from Waid, Mora, King and More

The Dawn of DC is just around the corner, promising to make 2023 a year like no other for one of the biggest names in comics.

A new dawn is coming to the DC Comics universe in 2023.

DC has officially announced its next big storytelling initiative spanning the course of 2023 in the form of Dawn of DC. Described as a “storyline-wide, multi-event narrative” comprised of more than 20 individual comic book titles, Dawn of DC is scheduled to start in January with action comics #1051 and will continue through the pages of unstoppable doom patrolmultiple Green Lantern titles and more.

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DC Dawn Timeline

  • Superboy, the man of tomorrow – Kenny Porter and Jahnoy Lindsay
  • unstoppable doom patrolby Dennis Culver and Chris Burnham
  • Green Lantern: Hal Jordan – Mariko Tamaki, TBA Artist
  • Green Lantern: John Stewart Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Clayton Henry
  • Batman: The Brave and the BoldTom King, Mitch Gerads, Guillem March, Gabriel Hardman, Dan Mora, Rob Williams and more.
  • Green Arrow Joshua Williamson Sean Izaakse
  • Shazam! – Mark Waid and artist Dan Mora
  • The Penguin – Tom King and artist Stefano Gaudiano

d.c. dawn follow the events of dark crisis on infinite earths Y DC Universe: Lazarus Planet, who have seen many of the world’s greatest heroes fight through the biggest and most devastating chapters of their lives. DC also gave fans a glimpse of the event timeline, highlighting how things will line up at least early on. This includes a starting point revolving around the Superman family, with action comics #1051 which marks the beginning of a new format that will include three stories in each issue, beginning with writers Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Dan Jurgens (death of superman) and Lea Williams (marvelous mary jane).

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d.c. dawn will continue on the pages of Superman #February 1 by writer Joshua Williamson (dark crisis on infinite earths) and artist Jamal Campbell (noemi) Y The Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1 in March by Tom Taylor (dark knights of steel) and Clayton Henry (Worlds without Justice League: Green Arrow). These will be followed in March by Dennis Culver (justice league incarnate) and Chris Burnham (batman incorporated) unstoppable doom patrolwith Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow, Green Lantern: Hal Jordan, Green Lantern: John Stuart Y Green Arrow all debuting in April. Batman: The Brave and the Bold Y cyborg will follow in May, with June marking both the middle of the year and the debut of Shazam!, The Penguin Y Steelworksthe latter of which will see John Henry Irons’ niece Natasha take on his iconic mantle of steel.

d.c. dawn starts in January 2023 with action comics #1051 and will continue throughout the year.

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