XDefiant is delayed indefinitely as it fails to pass Sony/Microsoft certification.



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  • XDefiant is an upcoming online FPS being developed by Ubisoft.
  • Ubisoft executive producer Mark Rubin confirmed in a blog post that XDefiant currently does not have a release date as it failed to pass certification from Microsoft and Sony.
  • If the XDefiant gets a confirmed nod on the second check, we can expect a late September launch.
  • The XDefiant could also end up with a conditional pass that would mean it would need a day one patch at launch to push the launch to early mid-October.

Ubisoft’s Mark Rubin has confirmed that their upcoming Call of Duty-inspired online FPS XDefiant won’t be getting a release date anytime soon. This is due to the fact that the game has failed to pass. Sony and Microsoft certification. The information was posted very transparently. Blog post Discuss submission process and expected scenarios.

Rubin first goes into detail by talking about how the submission process works. Basically, after weeks of testing by the QA team, the final build of the game is sent to the first-party publishers (in this case they Microsoft and Sony) to be confirmed for release. If it passes the game can be shipped fairly quickly, if not then more work and testing is needed before the game is in an acceptable state.

Rubin further explains that first-party publishers are less concerned about technical errors and more about compliance errors. Rubin describes compliance errors as follows:

Compliance bugs are those related to the systems and overall experience that first parties expect from games on their platforms. (For example, Are trophies being tracked correctly, is my friend list being updated correctly with game status, etc.?)”

Rubin confirmed that both Sony and Microsoft did not pass XDefiant for certification, adding that if they had, the game could have launched in late August. If the game passes certification this time, however, then we can likely expect a mid-September release.

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He also added that XDefiant could also end up with a Conditional Pass, which would require a Day 1 patch for the game, in which case we should expect an early-mid-September launch.

We are currently in the CM preparation part of the process and hope to submit the first parties in less than 2 weeks. If it goes smoothly, we could be looking at a mid-to-late September release. However there is a likely scenario where we get a conditional pass which means we have to patch Day 1 with some final fixes to ensure compliance. If we need to patch the first day, that pushes our date to early/mid October.

XDefiant also had a beta period earlier this year in which many players gave the game a go. I was one of those players and while I certainly had a good time with it and it’s rich with unique and interesting ideas, the game clearly needed more polish. With that in mind, X Defiant could potentially become Ubisoft’s second big hit in the online FPS market after Rainbow Six Siege if the issues are ironed out by launch.

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