Xbox Wireless Controller Special Edition Stellar Shift Release Date Leaked



A new leak revealed the release date of an upcoming controller: Xbox Wireless Controller Special Edition stellar change.

The new rumored special edition for the Xbox controller, Stellar Shift, was recently revealed by renowned leaker billbil-kun on his Twitter account. According to the post, the release date will be February 14, 2023, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The date of the official announcement of the controller is still unknown, even to this leaker.

As for the price, the leak was found on European sites, so the currency is not dollars. It says that they are 64.99 euros.

The Stellar Shift edition has been in the air for some time now with various rumors here and there featuring images of its shape and color. It has a bluish-purple color with sparkles to simulate the bright dust in the galaxy.

Obviously the controller will be released soon as various Amazon EU Sites they are already putting placeholders.



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