Xbox Game Studios valued ZeniMax Media at $10.5 billion before the acquisition.



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  • Recently leaked emails reveal this. Xbox Game Studios Worthwhile Zeny Max Media $10.5 billion, operating cash flow + $4.3 billion from synergies, and $6.2 billion from terminal value.
  • Surprisingly, this giant company was acquired for $7.5 billion which is much less than the stated price.
  • It’s unclear where the $3 billion discount came from, but we can safely say it was a pretty big deal for Xbox game studios.
  • Neither party has commented on the acquisition since the recent email leak.

According to recently leaked emails, Xbox But ZeniMax Media was valued. 10.5 billion dollars Before acquisition, which is 3 billion dollars more than they actually paid (thanks, Useless laziness). It’s unlikely that Xbox Game Studios received one. Special discount In this case, and since none of the parties commented on the acquisition, the reason behind the undervaluation remains. Secrets.

Amy Hood email
Amy Hood’s email.

Amy HoodExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft Since 2013, discussed the financial details of Project Atom, which was the code name for the ZeniMax Media acquisition. She understood Zeni Max.”Crucial to growing a strong overall catalog that translates into paid subscriber growth over the hours.

The current valuation model is $10.5 billion, $4.5 billion from operating cash flow + synergies and $6.2 billion from terminal value. Amy Hood wrote, “We’ll talk you through key drivers, value scenarios, and financial perspectives.

Considering how the acquisition went for less than $3 billion, the deal was a hit. A massive win For Xbox Game Studios. While some of its exclusive titles haven’t performed as well as expected, the big discount the Xbox received likely helped. Damages Cover. Even then, it was the largest acquisition in video game history, and none of the parties involved have commented on the situation. Emails leak.

It should be clear that Microsoft made the acquisition to prevent Starfield from becoming a PlayStation exclusive.. It seems that Xbox not only achieved this goal by killing two birds with one stone, but also did so at a much lower cost than it could have.

The acquisition of ZeniMax Media was one. Big investment from Xbox Game Studios, and it looks like they have a lot planned for the future. Elder Scrolls 6 is a set that will launch as an Xbox exclusive in a few years.. Leaked emails have revealed much of Xbox. Strategic planning spanned the end of the decade.

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