Xbox Game Pass generates $230 million in revenue a month. Most users pay for a full subscription.



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  • Xbox Game Pass apparently brought in a massive $230 million in revenue in April 2022, as revealed in newly leaked Microsoft v. FTC case court slide documents.
  • Most Game Pass users are also spending the full price of their subscription.
  • About 21.9 million of its 33.6 million subscribers on Xbox consoles were for Game Pass. Another 11.7 million were Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

Xbox Game Pass The current generation has come a long way, and recent earnings estimates further solidify its position in the industry. Apparently it earned more than one A whopping $230 million In earnings in a single month, as revealed in the new leaks and the revised. The case of Microsoft v. FTC According to the calculations made by the docs Tweak Townthe subscription service will have earned about $231.5 million in April 2022.

Xbox Game Pass statistics showing subscription growth over the years  ||  Image Source: TweakTown.
Leaked Game Pass stats show subscription growth over the years. || Image Source: TweakTown.

Redacted Xbox Game Pass slides reveal that a mass gaming service has been developed. $9.26 on average Subscription per user. It is estimated that a Total revenue of $231.5 million Based on the fact there were ended. 25 million users of the service By January 18, 2022. The number also means this. About 3.1 million PC game Pass subscribers were currently using the service.

Additionally, most gamers subscribe to Game Pass. Spending the full price For their membership. According to estimates, Net income of $9.26 Align with approx Original $9.99 Base Game Pass console and PC tier monthly price.

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The conglomerate also provided an overview of its gaming ecosystem till April 2022 in one of the slides that was not edited. The data revealed a surprising. 21.9 million subscribers of the 33.6 million His Xbox consoles were for Game Pass. the rest of 11.7 million There were Xbox Live Gold users. It is worth noting that these figures do not include recent growth spurts in recent months.

Microsoft provided an overview of its digital gaming ecosystem through April 2022.
Microsoft provided an overview of its digital gaming ecosystem as of April 2022.

Xbox Live is also revealed in the sheet. 112 million quarterly Currently active subscribers. 51.3 million Among them were console gamers, while others 48.7 million They were actively playing sports. It’s worth noting that Xbox Live Gold may. Replaced with a new Game Pass tier..

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service. stood out against its rivals. In the gaming industry it is The trump card for the Xbox brand In recent times and has a large assortment of titles. A new amount of income has left the community. Quite a shockto say the least.

In some related news, next-gen Xbox consoles are already in the works behind the scenes. A recently released FTC document implies that Microsoft will launch its next consoles in 2028.. It is also fully consistent with another court case filed a few months ago, where it The next generation is expected to launch in 2028.

For the current generation, fans can expect an all-new Xbox. Series models for next year. even Discless Xbox Designs The Series X refresh comes amid a recent surge of redacted doc leaks in the industry.

Latest News: Xbox Series X refresh details surface online, courtesy of FTC Files.

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