World Of Warcraft Devs Share First Look At Patch 10.2



Story Highlights

  • World of Warcraft reveals its upcoming content patch, Guardians of the Dream.
  • The patch features a new zone, which takes players to the heart of the Emerald Dream.
  • It also includes a new 9-boss raid called Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope.
  • Patch 10.2 will also bring new outdoor activities and a fresh Mythic+ Dungeon pool. 

World of Warcraft has finally announced its upcoming Guardians of the Dream patch. Like any other major patch for the acclaimed MMORPG, it features a new zone, a raid, and various public events that players can take part in while questing in the open world.

Guardians of the Dream will take players to the heart of the Emerald Dream. This is a mystical spirit realm that has been a part of Warcraft lore for a long time. As players journey to this never-before-seen realm, they will have to fend off Primalist forces, led by the fire incarnate himself, Fyrakk

The developers also showcased the upcoming 9-boss raid, Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope. The raid’s main villains are the Druids of the Flame. Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope, will be the first time players will get to dragonride inside of a raid. They will have to chase down some flying flame druids, who are wreaking havoc across the Emerald Dream. 

The developers are excited about the visual spectacle of having 25 players, all riding across the massive zone as they chase enemy forces. That said, they are still unsure if it will work mechanically and admitted that extensive testing is still needed before the encounter is pushed to the live game.

Additionally, Fyrakk is the final boss of the raid and wields the patch’s legendary weapon. This is Fyr’alath the Dream Render, a 2-handed axe that will be available to all Strength-wielding classes. It’s possible the weapon will be obtainable through a lengthy quest chain instead of simply dropping from Fyrakk.

As a part of the announcement, Blizzard also revealed the new Mythic+ Dungeon pool for season 3. The new rotation will consist of a number of Emerald Dream-themed dungeons from previous expansions. This includes Darkheart Thicket from Legion and The Everbloom from Warlords of Draenor. The pool will also include the Dawn of the Infinites megadungeon, which has now been broken down into two separate wings. 

Season 3 Mythic+ Dungeon Pool
Season 3 Mythic+ Dungeon Pool.

For the more casual players, the developers assured there will be plenty of outdoor content to enjoy. Such as the three new public events that all feed into each other as part of a cyclical rotation. The first event, the Superbloom, is inspired by the payload maps from Overwatch. 

This will lead to the second event, which involves players farming a bunch of mobs for currencies and rewards. Finally, there’s the Emerald Bounty, where players will collect seeds and plant them into dirt mounds found across the zone. These will then grow into trees that provide a bunch of cool rewards. 

Players can hop onto the PTR to try out the new patch later this week. 

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