Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Update 1.08 Adds More Difficult Boss Battles



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  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s new update has added missions with harder boss battles and much more to the game.
  • Several bug fixes have also come to the game as part of this patch.

Developer Team Ninja has released a new patch for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and it introduces a mission with harder boss battles. Titled update 1.08, it is out now on all platforms and also adds super-resolution imaging to the Steam and Microsoft Store versions of the game. In addition, bug fixes are also part of this update, and patch notes have come out to give us a better look at the changes.

First up, this new update has added the sub battlefield “Crouching Dragons’ Battle Royale.” This is an end-game mission in which the player fights multiple bosses in a series of battles. You can access it via Other in the travel menu and the Morale Points lost upon death in this battlefield cannot be redeemed. This battlefield will also not affect the requirements for acquiring the “Battle-Hardened” and “Hunting the Great Deer” trophies.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty patch notes
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty patch notes

In addition, players can also visit the Blacksmith upon choosing “Select Another Battlefield” after clearing a battlefield from now on. This update has also added the Swap Martial Arts function to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. You will be able to select this function by choosing a weapon in the Embedment menu at the Blacksmith. Moreover, players can also compare set bonuses and check their status through the Equipment menu.

Next up, the update has also fixed the issues that would sometimes delay matchmaking during online searches. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s patch 1.08 has also rectified many bugs in the action role-playing game. Players can no longer go out of bounds of the current stage in the Team Ninja game from now on. In addition, an issue making players get stuck in certain stages and making progress impossible has been set right.

Update 1.08 has also fixed the bug blocking some shortcuts in the battlefield “The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven.” Similarly, an issue like this had also been appearing in “Centuries of Glory Burned Away” but has now been rectified. Furthermore, leaders will now drop appropriate levels of drop rewards on sub battlefield “The Yellow Heaven Burns.”

Moving on, the update has fixed a bug that allowed players to go out of bounds of the current stage if they performed a certain martial arts technique followed by an Aerial Skill. You also won’t be allowed to use Wizardy Spells you have not learned yet as this issue is in the past. In addition, a bug in which the statistics for Equipment Upgraded under Battle Records wouldn’t count has been rectified.

Lastly, for consoles, a persistent bug in the game had been making obtaining the “Dogged Justice” achievement impossible. However, this Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty patch has fixed this issue in the RPG. Players can now obtain this trophy by completing any of the main or sub-battlefields. Some new features are specific to the Steam and Microsoft Store versions of the title.

Graphics settings AMD FSR 2, XeSS, and DLSS are now available in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. In addition, an option letting you select the sensitivity of the switch locked-on target function has been added to the RPG. The only bug fix includes one that would sometimes make the game inoperable while displaying the confirmation message.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty update 1.08 is live on all platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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