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Will Vegapunk Be the Final Member of the Straw Hats?

One piece It’s been on a year roll. With a hit movie, Gear 5, and the end of Wano, fans have had no shortage of things to be happy about. However, one expectation that was not met was the addition of a new crew member.

Ever since it was hinted that the Straw Hats would recruit one final member to their crew, fans have been trying to guess who that person might be. For a long time, many assumed that it would be Yamato who more than proved his worth and even stated his desire to join Luffy during the Onigashima Raid, but as all manga readers know, that was not the case. Interestingly, the most recent manga chapter featured an unlikely candidate: Dr. Vegapunk.

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Who is Dr Vegapunk?

Dr. Vegapunk is by far the smartest man in the world of One piece. A born genius, Vegapunk managed to increase his mental prowess by eating Nomi Nomi no Mi, a devil fruit designed to help the eater learn whatever he wants. Initially, he was part of an organization of criminal scientists known as MADS, along with others such as Vinsmoke Judge, Caesar Clown, and Queen, until the group was captured by the World Government. After this, he was recruited by the World Government and became their top scientist, and was later responsible for creating Momonosuke’s Devil Fruit, as well as the Pacifistas and Seraphim.

A mysterious figure for most of the series, much about him has been revealed recently. He is not only a secret ally of Monkey D. Dragon of the Revolutionary Army and even the scholars of Ohara, but has also split his brain into six different “satellites” of himself, each with their own personality and field. study. By splitting, Vegapunk has the ability to learn even more at once, as each satellite uploads knowledge of him into their shared “main brain” on a daily basis.

Why would Vegapunk join the Straw Hats?

Dr. Vegapunk revealed in One Piece

Interestingly, even though he is responsible for much of the World Government and Navy’s knowledge and advanced weapons, he has been declared an enemy by the World Government. Rob Lucci and the rest of CP-0 have been sent to Egghead Island to assassinate Vegapunk, though the exact reasons behind this are still unknown. Either way, in the most recent chapter, Vegapunk begs Luffy to get him off the island and save him from CP-0.

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This wouldn’t be the first time something like this has happened, as it’s eerily similar to what happened with Nico Robin’s recruitment into the crew. She asked Luffy after Alabasta to let her join the crew, which he agreed to, and then asked him to save her from CP-9, which coincidentally makes up much of CP-0, in Enies Lobby. Considering the Straw Hat’s penchant for recruiting unlikely allies and endearing himself to many of the people they meet, Vegapunk joining as a full member isn’t out of the question.

Even if it’s not the original Vegapunk, one of the satellites would make sense too. As they each have their own unique traits and personalities, it’s quite possible that one of them is an incredibly compatible with the crew and ends up deciding to join as the Straw Hats are on the run from World Government forces. While the Straw Hats already have a genius inventor in the form of Franky, by his own admission, he’s nowhere near Vegapunk’s level and much more of a carpenter, making Vegapunk’s possible addition as a science scientist crew a great profit. Furthermore, as a genius with a thirst for knowledge, he is probably more interested than most in learning the truth about the coveted treasure, the titular One Piece.

How would the Vegapunk union affect the story?

One Piece Chapter 1066 Pages 10-11

As mentioned above, Vegapunk could offer the Straw Hats the scientific understanding and edge the Straw Hats will likely need in the future. They will currently be facing off against the World Government at its seemingly most powerful moment, as the organization is willing to not only use a weapon to destroy islands, but also the newly developed Seraphim. Having a pirate crew member who is able to understand the threats he will soon be facing, as well as having an insider’s knowledge of how the World Government works, would be extremely beneficial.

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Vegapunk could also help the Straw Hats grow even bigger than they currently are. He has already confirmed that he has a great deal of medical knowledge, which could help Chopper become a better doctor. He apparently has read everything that survived the destruction of Ohara, which might also help Nico Robin. Vegapunk could even help develop better tools and weapons for Franky, while also helping Sanji understand his newly awakened cybernetic and scientific enhancements, and potentially even build him a better Raid Suit. Considering the strength of their upcoming opponents, this could be what the Straw Hats need to be able to take on the World Government and the other Yonko.

It’s also important to remember that Vegapunk has ties to Dragon and the Ohara scholars. Based on the actions of the Shaka satellite, as well as Vegapunk’s constant reference to Luffy being the son of Dragon, it appears that Vegapunk has a great deal of knowledge and some kind of relationship with the Revolutionary Army. In particular, he is responsible for turning Bartholomew Kuma, a key figure in the Revolutionary Army, into a pacifist, although all the details behind this have not been revealed.

While the current “Egghead” story arc has mostly focused on the brilliant scientist, it’s also been the first arc to really deepen and expand Dragon’s character. Considering how much of a storyline Dragon and his group have had in the series, Vegapunk could be the key factor in revealing more about both of them and transitioning the story into an arc about the Revolutionary Army. The final panels of the latest issue even seem to imply that Dragon may end up in Egghead after all in an effort to help Kuma, though there’s still nothing to fully confirm this.

Due to the recent revelation that Ohara’s knowledge was saved by the Giants, many have assumed that Elfbaf would be the next destination in the series, though given its seemingly deeper connection to Dragon, this could be even more likely. Either way, Vegapunk’s introduction into the story has been huge, as each chapter has managed to build even more hype around the character. Although he and his satellites have not yet asked to join, One piece is a series known for its twists and surprises, so anything is possible.

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