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Why Were the Sokovia Accords Repealed? Agents of Shield Has the Answer

The first season of She-Hulk: Lawyer delivered the shocking revelation that the Sokovia Accords had been abrogated. The big news broke through an off-the-cuff comment from Matt Murdock while he was verbally arguing with She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters during a court hearing (She-Hulk: Lawyer Season 1, Episode 8, “Ribbit and Rip It”). Murdock did not explain why the Accords were abandoned. However, an unlikely source demonstrates why the Accords turned out to be untenable in the end.

Marvel Agents of SHIELD, Marvel Television’s first foray into live-action television, blended the intrigue of spy thrillers with the allure of supernatural elements. The series, which aired on ABC for seven seasons and is now available on Disney+, got off to a rather slow start and got a bit off the rails with alternate timelines late in its run. However, the show hit its sweet spot in the middle seasons, which mostly focused on the proliferation of Inhumans in society and the conflicts that followed. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies offered a glimpse of how the Sokovia Accords affected the Avengers, shield agents provided a “street level” view of how enhanced individuals outside of the superhero team were affected. The consequences of the Accords were severe and tragic for many innocent people who possessed superpowers.

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The Sokovia Accords affected many more outside of the Avengers.

The Sokovia Accords were introduced in Captain America: Civil War in response to the devastation caused by conflicts involving the Avengers in New York City, Sokovia, and Lagos. The Accords, signed by 117 nations, were designed to improve oversight and accountability related to superhumans. The Accords divided the Avengers, who were placed under the authority of the United Nations. Tony Stark supported the deal while Steve Rogers opposed it. Members of the group (and fans) chose Team Iron Man or Team Cap. The impracticality of the Accords, and how they could hinder crucial work, was exposed in avengers: infinity war as Secretary Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross tries to arrest Captain America’s team as they rush to respond to Thanos’ threat. The ineffectiveness of the Accords is further exposed when the Avengers reverse Thanos’ Snap. Avengers Endgame working outside the Accords.

In shield agents, the Sokovia Accords also provided a framework for the registration and tracking of all enhanced individuals beyond the Avengers (shield agents Season 3, episode 20, “Emancipation”). Governments exploited this authority to exert control over mutated Inhumans who developed unique abilities. SHIELD director Phil Coulson was revived after his death in the Avengers and running the agency after the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, warns of the dangers of forced registration. “Nothing good ever comes from putting people on the lists. Eventually, they get mistreated or fall into the wrong hands. And then innocent people suffer.”

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The Sokovia Accords were repealed because they were mishandled and abused

The Sokovia Accords as seen in Captain America Civil War

Ultimately, Coulson’s warning rings true. The government enforced privacy on individuals and failed to protect the data it collected. The Inhumans were forced to register, report their movements ahead of time, and check in regularly with SHIELD, which also came under the authority of the Accords. The authorities assessed the threat level and potential utility of the Inhumans, viewing them as both passive and active, unlike humans. Worse yet, some data was accessed by Watchdogs, a militant group dedicated to exterminating Inhumans, which had moles in the government. They used the information to track down and kill Inhumans like animals. Eventually, all Inhumans were required to wear watches that track their movements and provide other data to S.H.I.E.L.D. The Watchdogs managed to hack into the devices and determine the whereabouts of more Inhumans, putting their lives in danger.

shield agentsThe position of in the MCU is still debated, but his description of the scope of the Sokovia Accords seems to have been corroborated in she hulk. Matt Murdock’s courtroom comments implied that the Accords referred to humans with powers outside of the Avengers. It makes sense that the Accords weren’t limited to the Avengers. The thickness of the document that Secretary Ross shows the Avengers in Civil war it implies that the Accords are too broad to apply exclusively to them, and the team roster is constantly changing, making it impossible to target just that group. the years The story touched on relevant issues such as the otherness of minorities and how government action can just as easily exacerbate it as reduce it. shield agents it proved that Captain America was right; government corruption and incompetence in the administration of the Sokovia Accords puts the freedom and lives of many innocent people at risk. That was an excellent reason to annul the Accords.

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