Why wasn’t P affected by Puppet Frenzy?



Lies of P follows the story of P, a puppet who has been created to save Krat from being destroyed by puppets that have gone berserk. But how did P manage to not be affected by the frenzy in the first place? Read on as we talk about what’s special about P in Lies of P.

Why wasn’t P affected by Puppet Frenzy?

P in Lies of P

P was a puppet created by Geppetto to fight against Puppet Frenzy. However, there is an ulterior motive behind this that is only revealed at the end of the story and through some confusing dialogue from some of the puppets, and some notes and documents scattered throughout the game.

So that P could do his task without succumbing to the frenzy, Geppetto created P so that he would not be subject to the Great Pact, unlike all the other puppets. This is also the reason why P is able to tell lies and present himself as a human being.

What is the Great Pact?

Lies of the Great Pact

The Great Pact is a set of laws given to all puppets to prevent them from causing harm to humans. This pact is designed similarly to Asimov’s Law of Robotics in real life. He was created by Geppetto and Venigni after a rebel puppet named Arlecchino mercilessly murdered Vegnini’s parents.

Only a couple of laws were revealed throughout the game:

  • First law: All puppets must obey the orders of their Creator.
  • Zero Law: The name of the Creator is Giuseppe Geppetto

The Great Pact was something the public knew about as a way to ease their anxiety and ensure their safety when using the puppets. However, the Zeroth Law was a hidden law that only Geppetto knew about and also plays a role in Geppetto’s ulterior motive.

Why did Geppetto create the Zeroth Law?

Gepetto's Zeroth Law - Lies of P

Geppetto’s secret motive was a result of who he was in the first place: the father of his son Carlo. However, due to his excessive dedication to the design and creation of the puppets, he neglected Carlo.

At the beginning of Chapter 11, we are shown images of what really happened to Carlo as P advanced towards the abbey. Due to an unfortunate incident, Carlo died. Geppetto was so struck by devastation and guilt that he decided to use Ergo’s power, the same power that made the puppets possible, to resurrect his son by any means possible.

After witnessing puppets whose egos are awakened, Geppetto discovered that by accumulating large amounts of Ergo, he could somehow revive Carlo as a puppet with all his memories intact and as close to becoming human as possible. And so he created P to act as the carrier of the P Organ, a mechanical heart that acts as a vessel to contain and process the Ergo that P collects.

Geppetto then secretly added the Zeroth Law to the Great Pact so he could still have final control over the puppets, but left P outside the boundaries of the pact so that P could still collect Ergo and move as freely as possible thanks to his ” free will”. .” Not only that, but by creating P in Carlo’s likeness, the Ergo to be collected will be refined to the point that the resulting “personality” will be undeniably close to who Carlo was.

Geppetto then ordered the rest of the puppets to go on a rampage, thus triggering the Puppet Frenzy as a way to speed up Ergo’s collection process and try to hide his plans to revive his son. Once P has collected enough Ergo, he plans to remove the P organ and place it in the first puppet he created, presumably one he fused with Carlo’s body. This way, he can still control this new Carlo, since the puppet is still tied to the Great Pact.

Although not mentioned in the game, this law also allowed Geppetto to select which puppets fell into a frenzy, which is why there are still other puppets like Polendina and Pulcinella who are not in a frenzy while serving their respective masters, whom Geppetto he still finds his plans beneficial.

The result of Geppetto’s plans coming true can be seen during the ending of The Road of Lies, while the results of P learning the truth and going against Geppetto can be seen in the other two. endings: the Path of Truth and the True endings.



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