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Why Wasn’t Michael in The Princess Diaries 2?

Michael Moscovitz was a big part of the first Princess Diaries movie, but he was written into the sequel to match real-life circumstances.

The princess’s Diary it was a classic Disney movie that put Anne Hathaway on the map back in the day. Featuring an average girl who is actually long-lost European royalty, the film and its sequel were based on a series of novels by Meg Cabot. Unfortunately, a big change was made in the love life of Mia Thermopolis.

In the first film, she falls for Michael Moscovitz, but her character is nowhere to be seen in the second. This is despite the fact that she is quite a prominent character in the original books. The reason for Michael’s absence had a completely real explanation and led Mia to fall in love with a character played by Chris Pine.

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Who is Michael Moscovitz in The Princess Diaries?

Mia and Michael The Princess Diaries-1

Michael is Mia’s main love interest in the book series, as well as her last love interest in the first film. The older brother of Mia’s best friend Lilly, Michael is quite musically skilled, even having his own band. Secretly, he had a crush on Mia before the events of the first princess diaries movie, even fixing her car and generally having feelings for her when she still had a more drab and unconventional appearance.

This results in the two finally getting together at the end of the movie, with Mia even getting a perfect, thrilling kiss. She notes how Michael saw her when he was invisible, and clearly sees how much he cared for her. Given the events of the books, it would seem that Michael was primed for a bigger role in the second movie. Sadly, this didn’t happen, and it’s due to the actor’s other, not-so-real commitments.

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Why Michael Didn’t Appear In The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Mia and Sir Nicholas The Princess Diaries 2

The first film adaptation of The princess’s Diary was released in 2001, with The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement leaving three years later in 2004. However, when the second film was produced, one of the stars of the first film was unavailable. Robert Schwartzman, who played Michael in the first film, was on tour with his real-life band, Rooney, when he got the call to royal commitment. Since she couldn’t get in, his character was written like being on tour with his own band to explain his absence.

This meant that Mia got a new love interest in the form of Nicholas Devereaux, who was played by now-great actor Chris Pine. Although he starts out acting antagonistic, he later changes after getting to know Mia better. with a third party princess diaries film finally in production, it is unknown if Pine or Schwartzman will romance Mia Thermopolis once again. Either way, hopefully Michael Moscovitz isn’t on tour by now.

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