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Why The Fantastic Mr. Fox Is the Best Thanksgiving Movie Out There

The Thanksgiving holiday doesn’t get as many movies as other holidays like Halloween and Christmas. But there are strong arguments for making movies like Brad Bird’s The iron Giant or the first of Sam Raimi Spiderman They are perfectly suited to the celebration. Yet another animated movie deserves to be in that same conversation, as it touches on elements that make the season special. 2009 Fantastic Mr. Fox, the George Clooney-directed adaptation of the Roald Dahl novel, is a wonderfully sweet film. While it may not be coded as a Thanksgiving movie in the film’s text, the film’s thematic elements make it a perfect movie for families.

Why you should watch Fantastic Mr. Fox

Directed by Wes Anderson, the stop-motion animated film focused on the titular Foxy Fox (George Clooney), his wife Felicity (Meryl Streep), and their son Ash (Jason Schwartzman). The trio enjoy a simple but content life as part of a community of anthropomorphic animals. But Foxy is increasingly plagued by a desire to return to his old and exciting job as a thief. Ultimately, he decides to try and rob local farmers, led by the ruthless Frank Bean (Michael Gambon). But this turns the farmer’s attention squarely on the entire community, forcing Foxy to find a way to save his friends and family despite being seriously outmatched by the farmers and his resources.

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In his heart, the fantastic fox it’s about many things, including the aging process and the question of unbridled freedom in the face of an entrenched family. That is perhaps best epitomized when Foxy shares a brief moment of empathy with a vicious wolf they briefly see in the wild as he chooses the community over himself. This concept and the other major elements of the film, particularly those related to Foxy’s efforts to save the community and Ash’s overall story arc, touch on themes that speak directly to the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Why The Fantastic Mr. Fox Is a Perfect Fall Movie

Of many ways, Fantastic Mr. Fox it works as a perfect Thanksgiving story. The film’s focus on a community coming together to share resources and support one another speaks to the spirit of the holiday. The movie even ends with a party of sorts for the main characters, as their mission is a success that ensures no one in the community goes hungry. Foxy has to learn to be a part of that community in the process, putting aside her own ego and drive to make sure that those she loves can continue to thrive.

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Ash’s story largely centers around his visiting cousin Kristofferson (Eric Anderson), who quickly proves to be an effortlessly calm and collected counterpoint to the relentlessly clumsy Ash. As the movie progresses, Ash puts his cousin in danger and risks his own life to save him. That speaks to the Thanksgiving holiday habit of bringing families together and forcing them to face their differences with resilience and empathy.

In addition to the thematic elements of the film, the entire color scheme fits into an autumnal palette, with soft yellows and oranges permeating the production design. There’s a crispness to the film’s stop-motion that lends itself well to the season. The inherent furry edge of stop-motion animation lends itself well to the sharper feel of the season and helps fill out the film’s autumnal vibes. Fantastic Mr. Fox it touches on the elements that families across the United States embrace as part of the Thanksgiving holiday and is quietly perfect for the holiday season.

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