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Why Namor’s Seclusion in Wakanda Forever Makes No Sense

When fans learned that Namor’s Talokan kingdom would be the antagonist in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, many were interested in knowing where they were all this time. Other than some subtle Easter eggs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there weren’t really any official details about what the Sub-Mariner and his people were actually up to. Good, wakandan forever he explains that it’s all because Namor purposefully kept his people hidden for centuries, forming an off-grid society.

Namor doesn’t think the surface is friendly, having experienced nothing but war and bloodshed from his brief foray there. That’s why he’s angry that Wakanda exposed the world to vibranium, since it means foreign parties, like Countess Val and the CIA in America, will come to exploit its resources. However, while from a cultural perspective, it’s understandable that Namor wants to remain isolated, this doesn’t add up given what has happened in the MCU so far.

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The kingdom of Namor needs external connections after the snap

Weather black panther 2 Shape Namor’s kingdom as isolated, he somehow finds out that Riri Williams helped create the vibranium seeker, so he wants Wakanda to kidnap her for him. However, the rest of the movie does not indicate that they have spies on the ground, which would have made sense because Atlantis used surface dwellers in the comics. Also, one has to wonder why Namor would stay offline when a major event occurred: the snap.

wakandan forever it never addresses whether the Talokan was left unaffected or whether some rule of survival or exclusion was established in the tradition, based on the eternal. So, since Thanos affected all of reality, it stands to reason that the underwater realm took a hit. And a lord like Namor should have had agents loyal to him, perhaps a cult in the midst of humanity or some aquatic allies, wanting to preserve this precious Mesoamerican empire under the sea. After all, by hiding, Namor’s house would remain uneducated and vulnerable, sitting easy prey until the next snap or other unpredictable apocalyptic event occurred. Simply put, he’s making his people his victims when, according to MCU canon, they would have been resurrected afterwards. Avengers Endgame. That should have piqued his interest, so he could figure out how to make sure it didn’t happen again.

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Talokanil de Namor already dealt with a large aquatic incursion

Tiamoth of Eternals

What makes Namor’s reclusive nature more questionable is that there has already been a major debacle at sea. While the base of it is around the Atlantic Ocean, the neighboring Indian Ocean is home to the Tiamut shell of eternal. That Celestial rose and it was supposed to destroy the planet, so if the people of Namor can be disturbed by the CIA’s ocean mining, they should definitely take note of something so huge that it reverberates throughout the ocean floor and earth’s crust, since it could endanger his kingdom. .

Admittedly, this Namor is a bit different from DC’s cinematic Aquaman, the latter of which is in tune with everything under the sea. But the Talokan has technology and uses creatures like whales for transportation. By comic logic and how Namor claims the sea as his domain, using waterways to sneak into Wakanda, it just doesn’t add up why he would ignore Tiamut’s giant shell, especially since wakandan Always happens after eternal. It feels like an oversight on the studio’s part, but outside influences and dangers were knocking on Talokan’s doors before this movie. Ultimately, it means that Namor should have wanted some form of assimilation and integration, even with a reserved Wakanda, in order to be proactive against future threats.

To see Namor’s underwater kingdom, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is now playing in theaters.

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