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Why Jason David Frank’s Tommy Oliver Is the Best Power Ranger

The Morphin’ Grid has lost one of its best members with the passing of Jason David Frank. the Forest ranger The actor was beloved for playing Tommy Oliver, and his breakout performance was part of what made the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers very successful. While many fans rank Tommy among their favorite Forest ranger characters, their influence on the franchise goes much further.

From adding a bit of gravitas to the mythos to adding a “special” Ranger, the original Green Ranger affected the Forest ranger franchise in multiple ways. His impact continues to be evident in new seasons of television and comics as the franchise’s 30th anniversary approaches. This is how the Forest ranger The universe changed completely thanks to Jason David Frank and Tommy Oliver.

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Tommy Oliver’s introduction expanded the Power Rangers storytelling

Before Tommy’s introduction, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers it was an episodic affair that relied solely on the monster of the week format. This changed with the season 1 multi-episode storyline “Green With Evil”, which featured Tommy as the evil Green Ranger controlled by the villain Rita Repulsa. The character caught on quickly, with his journey to becoming a hero and the mysterious nature of him making him an instant fan favorite. From then on, the new additions to the Forest ranger the myths would be detailed through similar stories.

Whether it’s a change of the Rangers guard, a switch to new Zords, or a whole new power up, Forest ranger he would use two or more episodes to portray the severity of such situations. This started thanks to the five-part Tommy epic, which is still remembered as one of the important arcs of the entire series. Tommy’s presence meant the stakes were raised, and they have never gone down for the franchise since.

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Tommy Oliver represented the “special” Power Rangers

When the Green Ranger was introduced, there was already a full team of five other Power Rangers. This made him the first of several “special” Rangers, the additional Ranger of most teams being one sixth of his squad. In previous seasons, these Rangers had special weapons and outfits that set them apart from the rest of the team, and their personal Zords could be added to the Megazord or even go toe-to-toe with it.

Another thing Tommy started for these early Rangers special was an exclusive theme song. The first was “Go, Green Ranger, Go” by Ron Wasserman, who also performed the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme. The song emphasized how important it was and injected energy into fights when the Rangers were seemingly down on their luck. Without Tommy, these concepts may never have existed either.

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Tommy Oliver represented the legacy of the Power Rangers

Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver

Jason David Frank was in more Forest ranger shows than any other actor who played a Ranger. His main appearances were in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin’ Alien Rangers, Power RangersZeo, turbo power ranger Y Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. His role in the latter was the culmination of Tommy’s history with the franchise, which had seen him go from Green Ranger to White, Red, and then Black.. His presence represented the Power Rangers of years past and carried that story into the new seasons.

Tommy remains the most recognizable and iconic character the franchise has ever seen. Those who grew up with the first few seasons still love the journey of the character who goes from bad to good and then becomes the leader of the Power Rangers. Later viewers remember him as his mentor and ally in thunder dino. Frank’s performance and the character he played so well had a lasting influence that will be felt for as long as Power Rangers exist.

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