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Why Is Dragon Aiding Luffy and the Straw Hats?

One piece it has introduced many plot threads over the years and has managed to deliver on most of them. Interestingly, some of the ones that have not yet been fully developed refer to the Revolutionary Army, as well as their leader, Monkey D. Dragon.

As one of the main factions in One pieceThe world of , this is pretty strange, though what’s even more peculiar is how long they’ve been a part of history. Since the “East Blue” Saga, the beginning of the franchise, the Revolutionary Army has been helping the Straw Hats before they knew who they were. While this could all just be a coincidence, what if the Straw Hats are an integral part of the Revolutionary Army’s grand plan? Looking back at their appearances could end up revealing a few clues to the full extent of their connection.

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Luffy’s family leads the revolutionary army

Luffy has been saved by the Revolutionary Army countless times throughout his adventures. The first was during the first “Loguetown” arc. While escaping from Navy Captain Smoker, Luffy and his crew only manage to escape thanks to the help of a mysterious stranger, who turned out to be Luffy’s own father, Monkey D. Dragon. Not only does he save Luffy from Smoker, but it’s largely theorized that he’s responsible for saving his son from Buggy by summoning that lightning bolt with an unrevealed Devil Fruit power.

While it’s not impossible that Dragon was in East Blue and specifically Loguetown at the same time, it still seems like quite a coincidence. Loguetown is the last island in the East Blue before reaching the Grand Line, making it an important stop for pirates on their voyage. Considering Luffy had already made a name for himself in East Blue, it’s highly likely that Dragon found out about his exploits and went to Loguetown specifically to see him, assuming he goes to the Grand Line from there.

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Until One piece fans know there was no other reason for Dragon to show up in Loguetown at the time, so it’s likely he was there to see and potentially help his son. He seemed quite interested in meeting Luffy after the Enies Lobby incident, predicting that they would meet soon and believing that his daughter might end up enlightening the people of the world about the evil forces that run it.

Similarly, Luffy is saved by another revolutionary during the “Dressrosa” arc, this time his Chief of Staff and second-in-command, Sabo, who also happens to be his long-lost brother. Although their meeting was apparently a coincidence, it’s still important to recognize that Luffy now has connections to the two highest-ranking members of the Revolutionary Army. Interestingly, they were both on the island to stop Doflamingo and his operations, though they were apparently after him in two different ways. While nothing about their interaction felt planned, it does show that the actions of the Straw Hats and the Revolutionaries are somehow linked.

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Bartholomew Kuma Saved All the Straw Hats

Group photo of One Piece Straw Hats vs. Kuma

While initially appearing as a villain, this former Warlord of the Sea aided the Straw Hats on multiple occasions. Although at first he seemed to take Luffy’s head back to the World Government, he relented after Zoro made a deal with him. Although his deal almost resulted in Zoro’s death, it’s important to remember that Kuma kept his word and didn’t go after Luffy or the rest of the crew afterward.

Kuma later reappeared during the “Sabaody Archipelago” arc, this time as a secret ally. Using his devil fruit, he teleported the entire crew to different parts of the world, away from Admiral Kizaru and the marines. Dividing up the Straw Hats may seem like a cruel act, but every place he sent them to was practically tailor-made to help them grow stronger. Interestingly, before Kuma dismissed them, he made sure to tell Rayleigh that he was with the Revolutionary Army, implying that his reason for coming there and helping the Straw Hats was specifically for Dragon’s cause.

Perhaps most impressive was that during the timeskip, Kuma stayed on Sabaody and personally protected the Thousand Sunny for two years. It is still unknown why he did it, but given the way he saved the Straw Hat Pirates before, it seems suspiciously like he did it not only for his sake, but for the Revolutionary Army as well.

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Ivankov has helped the Straw Hats on multiple occasions.

Sanji and Ivankov from One Piece

introduced during One pieceCommander of the Revolutionary Army and Queen of the Kamabaka Kingdom, Ivankov’s “Impel Down” arc saved Luffy’s life several times and was of great help to him during Marineford. While they didn’t know of Luffy’s existence or identity as a son of Dragon until after they met, Ivankov did everything he could to help Luffy save Ace. While these actions were incredibly important, his meeting happened completely by accident, meaning all of his interactions with Luffy were unplanned. However, Luffy isn’t the only Straw Hat that Ivankov has helped out throughout the series.

After being teleported away by Bartholomew Kuma, Sanji was trained in both Haki and cooking by Ivankov, which helped him become a better fighter and chef, particularly after learning of his connection to Luffy. Although Sanji doesn’t seem to remember his time there fondly, he was undoubtedly stronger afterward. As mentioned above, it’s not entirely clear why Kuma saved the Straw Hats, but each location they were sent to made them stronger and was perfect for their training, almost as if it was part of a bigger plan.

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The revolutionaries saved Nico Robin

Nico Robin during the events of One Piece's Enies Lobby arc

According to the revolutionaries, they had been looking for and hoping to recruit Nico Robin for some time. Coincidentally, they finally end up finding her shortly after Kuma transports her to Tequila Wolf. This leads to her being taken to Baltigo and meeting Dragon, but she also ends up with her important combat training. It resulted in her Devil Fruit powers strengthening while she learned some Karate Fishman, making her a much more capable fighter than she was before her.

Considering that Robin’s knowledge of the Void Century and her ability to read Poneglyphs is so important, it’s understandable how much they valued her safety. They even appear to have assisted the Elbaf Giants in securing and hiding Ohara’s kept knowledge and records after the island’s destruction. Also, the fact that they have been looking for Robin for so long showed that they and Dragon see her as someone they need on their side. In that sense, her staying with Luffy might be her best option, as he has shown the strength and willingness to protect her at all costs.

The Revolutionary Army has had a massive impact on the Straw Hats throughout One piece. There is a clear link between the two groups that goes far beyond the blood relationship of their respective leaders. The Revolutionary Army seems to take a great interest in the Straw Hats and has endeavored to make them as strong as possible and protect them at every opportunity, though the reasons behind this remain unclear. However, with the current Vegapunk-centric arc of the series revealing so much about Dragon and his group, the answers could be coming sooner rather than later.

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