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Why Is Denji Driven By Perversion?

chainsaw mans Denji seems to be devoid of long-term aspirations for the future or a meaningful purpose in life. In this way, he is very different from the typical hero protagonist like Naruto, whose dream is to be Hokage to be recognized by the villagers, or One piece‘s Luffy, and his quest to find One Piece to become the Pirate King. Denji doesn’t seem to be motivated by anything other than the potential to be physically intimate with those he is attracted to. Even his teammates perceive his motivations to be shallow, immature, and absurd.

The most intriguing thing is that he will put his life in danger for these very reasons: the chance to touch some beautiful women. But it’s not that he completely objectifies women, since when Meowy was depowered, Denji showed great sympathy for her feelings. He was able to empathize with Power, comparing his beloved Meowy to Pochita. Denji is more than capable of having other reasons for fighting, such as protecting people from demons that mercilessly slaughter innocent lives, but Denji’s primary goal is completely driven by his primal needs.

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Denji struggled for years, and now he has his needs met.

Denji had an atrocious childhood, barely able to meet his basic needs like food and shelter. His father was in debt to the Yakuza and ended up hanging himself when Denji was a child. His father’s debt then passed to Denji, who, when chainsaw man starts, you are still forced to work to pay for them. Denji sold his own eye, kidney and one of his reproductive organs for this debt. In terms of basic needs, he lives in a shack and sleeps on a mattress without sheets or blankets, it is also assumed that he has been eating plain bread all his life, as he just heard that other people put jam on bread. There was also a hint that Denji had heart disease and that he, too, was doomed to die an early death.

As a result, he would often talk to Pochita about a normal life as if it were just a pipe dream, telling Pochita that he doubts she will pay off the debt before she dies. It is clear that he has given up any chance of a normal life at this point, and that this debt has understandably put him in a state of learned helplessness. This means that he had given up all hope of trying to change his situation or get out of it. In a state like this, it’s hard to think that the situation will ever change, so he never thought of having a future beyond debt.

This type of negative thinking leaves no room for ambition or for pursuing meaningful long-term goals, so once Makima accepts it and meets her first two stages in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, basic physiological needs and feelings of security, things he struggled to achieve day by day, the only thing he can think of getting is the next stage of the pyramid: love and belonging, something he has never experienced before except from Pochita. Although at the beginning of the series it appears that he is pursuing a dream simply to touch women, what she has always subconsciously longed for is intimacy, a sense of connection to others, and meaningful relationships.

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Denji often dreamed of having a girlfriend.

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Denji talks about having a girlfriend

This seemingly childish obsession isn’t so absurd after rewatching the first episode. In Episode 1, Denji often talks about wanting to flirt with a girl and wishing for a girlfriend. He talks to Pochita about things like taking a girl home, not being able to have money to take her on dates, playing video games with her, and falling asleep cuddling with her. He even says that the only dream he wanted to come true was to score a girl before he died.

None of this is weird or childish. It is human nature to want to love and be loved, to enjoy the company of others, and to have pleasure and reproduce. Especially when you’re struggling to meet basic needs day in and day out, there must be something to get you that dose of oxytocin and dopamine your body craves: a bit of happiness and love at the end of the day. That’s why Denji dreamed of having a girlfriend whenever he wasn’t making money. Although Denji looks like a mature adult in that dress shirt and tie, he’s still a teenager at the age of full puberty, the age of raging hormones.

Denji made a deal to show Pochita his dreams.

Chainsaw Man Pochita makes a deal with Denji gives up

At the end of the first episode, Pochita decided to give Denji her heart in exchange for Denji fulfilling and showing his dreams to Pochita.

After Makima took him to the Public Security Bureau, he showed Pochita all the dreams he talked about except scoring with a woman. This could be one of the reasons why he instinctively fought so hard to defeat the Bat and Leech demons, especially after the latter taunted the dream of him.

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Denji is trapped in a life debt that he cannot escape.

Chainsaw Man Episode 5 Denji Makima Gun Devil Talk

Even though Denji has been freed from the Yakuza debt, he is now stuck in a lifelong debt to Makima and the Public Security Bureau. He is not allowed to behave on his account, stop being a demon hunter or run away from the Public Security Bureau, or he will be killed, as the Yakuza would have done with him for exactly the same reasons. Denji must follow all the orders of the Public Security Bureau and do as he is told, or he is dead. Whether he had more or less freedom than when he owed the Yakuza is debatable. There really isn’t much reason to have ambition or future plans if he’s stuck in another life debt, so pursuing pleasure and love is a better motivation to get things done than having no motivation to live at all. He also doesn’t inherently have a blind hatred for demons, as Pochita was the closest thing to family or friends to him, so killing demons alone isn’t something he can get motivated for.

While it’s apparent that Denji is interested in doing intimate things with women, he doesn’t seem to be in the same creepy way that from naruto Playboy’s main character, Jiraiya, is attracted to women. In Denji’s flashback as a child, his mother is not mentioned or seen, it can be assumed that she died early due to having the same heart disease as Denji. He, too, has never been to school and doesn’t seem to have any friends, or any friends before the start of the series. As a result, Denji has most likely never met a woman in his life, and spending a lot of time with attractive women like Makima, Power, and Himeno puts him in a position where he can experience something new and exciting in his life. life.

chainsaw man Denji’s seemingly perverted mindset is widely misunderstood. He’s just at that age where he wants to start exploring things like sexuality and romance, and experience the concepts of love and relationships. Being driven by the desire to experience love and intimacy is not as shallow, immature, or absurd as one might think.

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