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Why Fushiguro Hasn’t Hit a Black Flash Yet

Although Fushiguro Megumi is likely one of the extra proficient sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen, the consensus on him stays “untapped potential”. Even in its incomplete state, his Ten Shadows Technique has elicited reward from jujutsu legends like Gojo Satoru and Ryomen Sukuna.

Fushiguro’s energy hasn’t remained stagnant both. Although his studying curve has been far steeper than some other character, he nonetheless hasn’t achieved the best catalyst for progress that exists inside jujutsu sorcery: The Black Flash.

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What Is a Black Flash in Jujutsu Kaisen?

The Black Flash is a jujutsu phenomenon that happens when a curse person dietary supplements a bodily hit with cursed vitality inside 0.000001 seconds of their blow touchdown. A profitable Black Flash amplifies the sorcerer’s blow by about 2.5 occasions the pressure of a standard hit, however its stringent activation requirement prevents one from utilizing it on demand. For most sorcerers, touchdown a Black Flash is a matter of luck slightly than expertise. The elusive ability is so named as a result of when it is efficiently used, the cursed vitality expended takes on a Black colour for only a second.

After a jujutsu sorcerer efficiently lands a Black Flash, they briefly enter a heightened state often known as “The Zone”. In this state, manipulation of cursed vitality turns into as pure as respiration to them. Even after leaving “The Zone”, the sorcerer retains an perception into cursed vitality that’s not possible for many who have not skilled a Black Flash to grasp. They immediately grasp the very essence of cursed vitality, and are about to make use of it in much more dynamic methods than common sorcerers. According to Aoi Todo, the distinction between jujutsu sorcerers who’ve efficiently used Black Flash and people who have not is not possible to measure.

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What Does a Black Flash Mean For Fushiguro Megumi?

Even with out experiencing “The Zone” but in Jujutsu Kaisen, Fushiguro has discovered fairly novel functions for his Ten Shadows cursed approach. It seems the one restrict to his energy is his creativeness, and his exploits proceed to show that. When he confronted the issue of the place to retailer his many cursed instruments, Fushiguro merely considered stashing them inside his shadow, and found to his amazement that it was doable. The story behind his Domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow Garden is an identical one. When he was going through a Special Grade Cursed Spirit and realized victory in his present state could be not possible, Fushiguro pressured himself to manifest a Domain Expansion proper then, albeit an incomplete one.

Experiencing “The Zone” — and the perception into cursed vitality’s essence that comes with it — would supply the ultimate few ending touches as a jujutsu sorcerer that Fushiguro nonetheless lacks. Sorcerers like Gojo Satoru and Nanami Kento who’ve achieved Black Flash use their cursed methods simply throughout battle, virtually as if their jujutsu is an extension of themselves. Fushiguro, however, pertains to the Ten Shadows approach, and the shikigami that include it, extra like instruments to be picked up and positioned down as wanted. Activation of his approach is a slightly sluggish affair, and though he is made vital strides on this regard, concurrently coordinating completely different shikigami continues to be a job for him.

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Understanding Cursed Energy’s essence would utterly revamp Fushiguro’s fight model. Releasing and manipulating his shikigami would turn into a lot simpler, and their cursed vitality consumption would scale back considerably since Fushiguro could be activating them extra effectively. This would translate to extra stamina in fights, a problem Fushiguro has repeatedly struggled with. The most fun likelihood, nevertheless, is that Fushiguro would possibly turn into one of many choose few to grasp Reversed Cursed Techniques. This sacred artwork would give him not less than some self-healing properties and, if one dared to dream, some type of management over his shadow-themed cursed approach’s reverse: Light.

A Black Flash may also be the ultimate key Fushiguro wants to totally unlock his Domain’s potential in Jujutsu Kaisen. For now, Chimera Shadow Garden is merely an space by which Fushiguro’s Cursed approach is tremendously amplified. When he lastly understands Cursed Energy’s essence, he would possibly have the ability to full his Domain’s boundaries and excellent its assured hit assault. For all we all know, he would possibly even determine to maintain his Domain as it’s with a couple of “quality of life” enhancements; its incomplete state has its personal benefits in any case.

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