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Why Elden Ring Deserves to Win Best Narrative

elden ring took the world by storm this year and became FromSoftware’s first game for a whole new audience. The Lands Between welcomed the Tarnished from around the world with its stunning landscapes and the epic backdrop of a pious family in crisis. The story itself, in the FromSoftware tradition, was deeply buried in item descriptions and dense dialogue trees that could easily be overlooked or misunderstood. It is a game where everyone can have a very different experience.

The recent announcement that elden ring was nominated for Best Narrative at The Game Awards has caused a lot of mixed reactions in gaming spaces, especially considering the competition. elden ring it’s an interesting option when compared to its more traditional peers, but it deserves the award.

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To explain the plot of elden ring it is a huge company. It is very likely that a player will not get the full scope of the plot in a single game or even multiple games. There’s a reason explaining game stories from FromSoftware has become quite an interesting niche for YouTubers and bloggers over the years. Much of that is due to how broad the narratives are and how deeply hidden some details are, even within the environments themselves. elden ring It’s not the first FromSoftware game to build a large community dedicated to mining it down to the code for hints of lore, but it’s perhaps the most far-reaching.

elden ring He actively encourages community building with his story. Each player has a different way of interacting with their world, and each game leads to new discoveries. The game is almost a year old and there are still details that the masters of the FromSoftware lore are finding on the internet. This is a testament to the sheer depth of world-building on display in elden ring. The player is an active participant in breaking (or mending) the chains of fate as Tarnished on his quest, uncovering a whole myth along the way, but it’s always different.

This form of group storytelling recreates the earliest ways humans passed down legends and myths as civilization grew and mythology grew along with it. In the modern era, players and loremasters become the bards in the epic story of the rise and fall of Queen Marika and her progeny, using the knowledge they’ve gained from each other to fill in the gaps. in white. elden ring makes the audience part of the experience by using the player base as gatekeepers to the stories of the Lands Between, where much of the culture has nearly died. In a sense, the public is discovering an ancient civilization.

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The creation of myths is the narrative of the Elden Ring

Elden Ring Torrent Jumping Limgrave

FromSoftware is no stranger to burying the lead when it comes to storytelling. Most of their games drop the player character in hostile territory with very little context and send them on their journey. elden ring it’s no different in this grand lore, but it actually gives the player a bit more information than blood borne either demon souls at first while still keeping his secrets. The world gives players the chance to explore enough to form their own guesses and make their own connections as they interact with the many locations and NPCs.

The large scale of elden ring it makes the player feel like the protagonist of an epic poem with all the trials and tribulations that entails. Each player is an active participant in the creation of the mythos of his Tainted, whether he is a savior or has come to reign over chaos. The player is not simply being told the story, he is creating parts of it. players playing elden ring they are standing on the precipice of a new era of creation mythology.

Endings and beginnings are at the center of every FromSoftware narrative, and these stories become deeply personal experiences for players. Many players can spend hours discussing the finer points of the lore, their decisions, and how they reshaped the world around their Tarnished. The story of elden ring it is both individual and communal in the way players come to understand what they have explored. This unique look is one of the many reasons why elden ring deserves to win the Game Awards.

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