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Why Did Hotch Leave Criminal Minds?

thomas gibson brought Criminal minds Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner (“Hotch”) came to life for 11 years, providing an anchor as other cast members came and went. For many fans, the strength of his character in the face of some truly horrifying events was a necessary source of calm, making his character’s quiet departure in season 12 that much more unexpected.

many actors departed Criminal minds in his 15-season career, but Gibson’s departure sparked the most controversy. Hotch was dropped from the CBS proceeding because Gibson was fired following reports of an on-set altercation. Let’s see who Aaron Hotchner was in Criminal minds and what brought Gibson’s tenure on the show to an end.

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Who was Hotch in Criminal Minds?

Aaron Hotchner was introduced in the first episode of Criminal minds as team leader of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. While other characters played the lead role early on, most notably Mandy Patinkin’s Jason Gideon, Hotch became a pseudo-father figure to the team, with many characters relying on him not only for assignments, but for advice as well. and orientation.

While Hotch was active on the field with the rest of his team, many of his storylines centered around his home life. After having a child with his wife in the first season, he had trouble finding time for his family, which eventually led to their divorce. Later seasons would focus on Hotch working to establish a good relationship with his son, and eventually the dangers of leading his family into the kind of violent criminals the BAU is trying to catch.

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Why did Thomas Gibson leave Criminal Minds?

Hotchner Board of Criminal Minds

Despite the importance of Criminal mindsHotch, Thomas Gibson was fired from the show in season 12. In 2016, Gibson had a verbal disagreement with a team member, reported as a writer or producer. During the filming of a scene in which Gibson was both acting and directinghe allegedly kicked a crew member in the leg. Gibson later described the action as less severe, saying that his “foot came up and tapped him on the leg”. However, the altercation led to Gibson’s immediate suspension from Criminal minds.

The altercation was not Gibson’s first reported incident at the Criminal minds set, neither. A shoving incident in 2010 led to mandatory anger management classes for Gibson, and Variety reports claim that many in the Criminal minds The set hoped that this initial incident would lead to the firing of the actor. Later in 2013, Gibson was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and as a result, attended alcohol education classes.

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On August 12, 2016, following an internal investigation conducted by Criminal minds‘ from production company ABC Studios, Gibson was formally fired from the show. issued a statement describing “creative differences” on set and his regret over the incident that occurred. After her unexpected departure, her character was quietly written off the show for having moved into the witness protection program.

Despite the circumstances of his dismissal, Gibson still described love for the show and especially the Criminal minds fans. Instead of Hotchner, Criminal minds added more women to the team, leading to some positive changes in the demographics of the BAU team. Finally, Criminal minds weathered the storm and continued for another three seasons, and a spin-off Criminal Minds: Evolution will premiere this November on Paramount+.

All 15 seasons of Criminal Minds are currently streaming on Hulu and Paramount+. Criminal Minds: Evolution premieres November 24 on Paramount+.

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