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Why Black Adam Was Released on Digital Earlier than Expected

Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson reveals there was a strategic reason for releasing the Warner Bros/DC Universe movie earlier on Digital.

black adam star Dwayne Johnson has revealed the strategic reason the DC Universe movie is now available on Digital.

In a message shared with his fans on Twitterthe actor explained that the decision to release black adam At first, Digital was a strategic move meant to capitalize on the upcoming holiday season. “We launched black adam yesterday [Nov. 22]Johnson said. “We thought it was a strategic release to go to all digital platforms since we’re still in theaters, as we head into the Thanksgiving holidays and of course the Christmas holidays, the holidays for Hanukkah. So you can enjoy black adam still in theaters and certainly enjoy Man in Black at home.” The decision is apparently paying off, as the actor also revealed that “black adam It’s the number one movie on iTunes.”

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black adam has found significant success at the box office since its theatrical release in October. After opening with $67 million, the DC film has now earned $158.4 million domestically, with a current worldwide total of $368.2 million. The film has now surpassed 2019’s lifetime box office earnings. Shazam!which has a world total of 366.1 million dollars. black adam it is still playing in 3,372 theaters, with Johnson stating in the aforementioned message to his fans that he expects the film’s final box office tally to be somewhere between $375 million and $400 million.

What’s next for Black Adam?

Johnson has made it known that he wants to develop a black adam vs superman film that will see his powerful anti-hero collide with Henry Cavill’s Superman. Cavill, who returned as the Man of Steel after an extended absence from the DCU in black adamThe mid-credits scene in , has also expressed interest in seeing the two titans do battle on the big screen. However, Johnson has stated that there is still “much more long-term storytelling to do before that historic [DCU] showdown and more new characters to set [before the Black Adam/Superman fight].” A black adam vs superman The film will also have to be approved by new DC Studios heads James Gunn and Peter Safran, who took over shortly after Johnson’s arrival. black adam comments were made. Currently, the duo is busy crafting a long-term plan for the DCU that will be revealed to the Warner Bros. Discovery team in the next two months. At the time of writing, it is unknown if Black Adam, Cavill’s Superman and the rest of black adamThe characters in are part of those plans.

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black adam stars Johnson as the titular anti-hero, who is released from his earthly grave 5,000 years after being bestowed with the all-powerful powers of the Old Gods. Ready to unleash his unique brand of justice on the modern world, Black Adam’s brutish tactics attract the attention of the Justice Society. However, despite successfully stopping the Justice Society from stopping their rampage, Black Adam teams up with the superheroes to stop a force more powerful than Adam threatening to destroy the world.

black adam is currently available in theaters or digitally.

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