Why a World Revamp Isn’t What World of Warcraft Needs


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  • A remake of its original Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom zones isn’t what WoW needs right now.
  • It has already been done with lukewarm results and poor reception from fans.
  • Most players are focused on the endgame anyway, and recent leaks hint at a new continent.

With the announcement of World of Warcraft’s next expansion, players have started writing their wish lists. The 11th expansion of WoW will be revealed at that time. The upcoming Blizzcon In November, as is tradition. And while not much is known about the future of the game right now, fans can’t help but talk about a big change they want to see happen. Exactly, I’m talking about Reformation of the world.

Now, for those who may not be aware, most of the World of Warcraft zones are still stuck in 2010. Wreaking havoc. This was the last time the blizzard changed its origin. Kalimdor And Eastern Empires Continents So if you level up in these zones today, you’ll be doing all the same quests that the developers designed more than a decade ago.

Because of this, fans feel it’s time to shake things up and give Azeroth another fresh coat of paint. But for those fans, I’d just like to share. Famous words by J. Allen BrakeYou think you do, but you don’t“You see how exciting the prospect of Azeroth’s renewal is, making a change is like opening a new can of worms. Let’s dive into what the issue is, shall we?

Been there, done that.

Blizzard has already tried to improve the world. destruction As I mentioned earlier. And let’s just say, The change was not exactly well received.. Sure, it would have been fun to swap old zones in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms back then. After all, fans had been matching them for 6 years by then. But here’s the thing. Most people don’t like change.

For one, Blizzard made it so that Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdom had original quest lines. Completely removed from the game. This made some popular quest items and rewards permanently inaccessible to players. More recently they have started re-introducing them into the retail wow.. As part of the world overhaul, the developers made significant changes to the appearance and geography of several zones.

Barons after the events of the Catastrophe expansion.

The once idyllic zone of Barons Dithong’s action created a large fissure, splitting the zone in two. Nearby, at Thousand Needles, the famous sparkling flats were completely flooded. The changes may have been new and exciting when they first appeared, but over time, old memories Crawled through the original quests and zones.

Part of the reason Classic The world of gaming So much steam picked up in the community, because players wanted to go back to the old world. Now, I’m not arguing that post-apocalyptic worlds are nearly as popular as vanilla World of Warcraft zones. But still, there it is There will be people who will miss him. When these zones are finished.

This time the expectations will be even higher.

The reformation of the world at the time of the disaster already felt too massive to imagine. Keep in mind, that they changed a ton of old zones. It meant accommodating the topography, including. Completely new questlines, and updating quest rewards. On top of that, developers have to add all the regular content they normally do for an expansion release.

This was because they were able to recapture it in Cataclysm, as most of the changes didn’t require massive visual changes. Basic assets, such as buildings and foils, were simply reused throughout the newly created zones. It’s safe to say that’s not going to cut it these days. Vanilla definitely got a distinct art style, but the graphics were woefully outdated by 2023 standards.

The original World of Warcraft zones still use the same assets a decade later.

If these zones are changed, Blizzard will be required. Rebuild all assets Used in these old areas. And it’s a bigger job than you think. Imagine all the cultural buildings from each generation, as well as the specific types of plants and trees found in each zone. Their art team will have to pull more than a couple of all-nighters, and that’s putting it mildly.

While the change will bring the game’s fidelity to an all-time high, realistically, it’s not possible for the team to produce so many art assets in such a short amount of time. Again, keep in mind that the extension may lack any other basic features. Things like New raidsDungeons, and a whole new batch of zones, will still be highly sought after by players.

Most players only care about the endgame.

Another reason was that the Zone revamp didn’t work well with the player base. WoW fans only care about the endgame.. Sure, leveling up can be fun. But on launch day, many people just blast through leveling and start grinding dungeons. That doesn’t mean there aren’t people who like to slow things down and smell the flowers. But they are simple. Not a big enough portion. of community, especially nowadays.

Keep in mind, that this is what people do for new leveling zones, which is mandatory to reach the updated level cap. Now, imagine if Blizzard updates the old leveling zones. Most of them are already outleveled by the majority of the player base. The idea that people will decide to skip all the new expansion content on launch day, opting to start a new tone instead, is kind of a pipe dream.

This means that for a large portion of fans, improving the world is essentially pointless content. All the effort it would take to do that, and like I said, this is one. A lot of effort, better for more endgame related activities. Even for those who might enjoy leveling up, most of these zones will be another fixed deal. This is in contrast to the more “recyclable” style of content that Blizzard has chosen recently.

World Revamp doesn’t really fit into Lorewise right now.

If you think about it, the best time to reform the world would have been in the beginning Dragon Flight. Traditionally, there was a time skip in style. Therefore, it would make perfect sense to update the world to reflect the changes taking place in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. But Blizzard passed on the opportunity, probably for the reasons I mentioned.

Changing now makes little sense because of this. Dragon Flight changed knowledge in a very important way. with the The primal avatars were unleashed.and a potential void threat looms, reforming the old world just comes to one. A great danger. After all, zones can become outdated again after a single patch, especially if a major world-changing event occurs.

It seems the ideal way is to take individual zones and bring them up to speed. That way, they can tackle the huge task of improving Azeroth one step at a time. More importantly, most of them are part of content related to the newly created Zones and Game. Such as how Blizzard updated the Arathi Highlands and Darkshore in the Battle of Azeroth when they became battlefronts.

I wish the old world got a new look with all the new assets we have (less photoshopped).
by theu/Dorodrina IGreat

I can see Blizzard picking a specific set of zones from Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, and updating them to become endgame content in an upcoming expansion. Of course, there could be a brand new island as usual. But these additional zones can do a lot to show the changing landscape and politics of Azeroth.

Avaloren is waiting

Perhaps the most solid piece of evidence as to why there isn’t the world reformation that WoW needs – and why it isn’t happening, is Data can be found in mind files.. Recently, WoWhead discovered a pre-order exclusive mount. Algerian Stormrider. While the mount isn’t available in-game yet, it’s likely tied to the Epic Bundle of WoW’s next expansion.

The name of the mount is a very important clue as to where the next World of Warcraft expansion may be set. Referring to it. Khaz Algarwhich is a new location that was discussed. Most recently in Dragonflight. For those who may not have acquired their knowledge, this is apparently a dwarf settlement. And not just any dwarves, they were earthlings who fell victim to the flesh curse.

It is very likely that players will be adventuring to Khaz Algar in patch 11.0, which will likely be a Dwarven zone located on the content of Avaloren. The appearance of the mount is also likely to be similar to the current one. Stormrider NPCs In WoW this would tie in with the whole Elemental vs. Titan battle that Blizzard is building. Why is all this relevant to the situation of world reformation?

Storm Rider in World of Warcraft.

Well, that’s because it points to new content as well as areas of interest in that continent. Given how laborious it would be to remake the old world, I highly doubt the devs would even be able to add a full batch of new zones. So Khaz Algar, and the existence of Avalorin, allows for a proper global correction changes to occur. Quite a bit.

That doesn’t mean they won’t update a zone or two as they see fit. But yeah, if you’re hoping for all of Azeroth to be updated to modern WW standards, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Either way, we’ll likely learn more at this year’s Blizzcon. But until then, The players are going wild With speculations and theories about how the world can be reformed.

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