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Who’s the Best Monster Hunter?

Many recent anime titles follow the unofficial “monster slayer” trend, depicting heroes who hunt and kill monsters for a living. Recent examples range from fire force Y the gray man to fan favorites like Murderer of demons Y chainsaw manand these monster-hunting protagonists can be compared head-to-head to see who’s the best in the business.

According to its title, Murderer of demons It depicts sword-throwing demon hunters who hunt and dispatch the monsters of the night to defend humanity. Similarly, demon hunters in chainsaw manThe 1990s alternate world gets some good money to eradicate demons, and Denji is the newest demon hunter on the block. Here’s a look at which of these two famous shonen protagonists is the better monster slayer.

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How Denji and Tanjiro compare as skilled monster hunters

When Denji/Chainsaw Man and Tanjiro are directly compared in terms of skill and experience, it’s clear that Tanjiro has the upper hand. Both protagonists have proven themselves against monsters like the Devil Bat, Devil Leech, and demons like Enmu and Kyogai, but Tanjiro has formal training to back him up. He spent two whole years training hard with Urokodaki in those mountains just to use a sword, then he defeated the hand demon and many others in that physical exam to become an assassin. Tanjiro also trained at the butterfly farm with Hashira Shinobu Kocho and Aoi to improve his breathing technique and sharpen his reflexes. In contrast, Denji has received no training and has barely had his powers for a week. He must fight on instinct and make everything up as he goes along.

Murderer of demonsThe protagonist of has the advantage of not only formal training, but also his determination to learn new techniques and become stronger. Tanjiro is always looking to improve his already formidable abilities and learn new aquatic breathing moves. He also strove to learn and practice using Hinokami Kagura, a devastating fire-based move derived from his father Tanjuro’s fire dance ritual.

In general, Tanjiro has a growth mindset as a monster slayer, while Denji is more focused on survival in chainsaw man. Denji wouldn’t mind powering up again if he had the chance, but he doesn’t actively strive to improve his abilities or invent new moves. On the plus side, he is more resourceful and quick thinking than Tanjiro, which means he thrives on the spur of the moment and can surprise everyone. However, in the long run, Denji will lag behind Tanjiro because he’s not trying to learn and grow.

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How Chainsaw Man’s Denji and Demon Slayer’s Tanjiro Compare as Team Players

Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Nezuko and Tanjiro from Demon Slayer.

Tanjiro is clearly the superior monster slayer compared to Denji, and he also compares well as a team player. Monster Hunters rarely fight alone, as they are fighting creatures much stronger than themselves and need team-based tactics to compensate. Denji is a loner who recklessly plunges into battle just to show off or test his new devil-based abilities. He often gets over his head and needs a teammate like Aki Hayakawa to back him up. Denji wouldn’t last long alone, as he tends to pick fights that he can’t win easily. He and his teammates are rarely more than the sum of his parts, even when they reach out to help each other at the last moment.

On the other hand, Tanjiro is an excellent team player in Murderer of demons and he’s not too proud or reckless to fight demons alone. He sometimes must fight alone, but Tanjiro will fight with a team whenever he can. He coordinated his efforts with Zenitsu and Inosuke during the battle against Daki, for example, and he and Inosuke made a perfect duo against Enmu in the “Mugen Train” arc. Together, these killers can do what neither of them could alone. Since demons are so much stronger than humans, it’s the least Tanjiro can do, and it has saved his life many times. The compassionate Tanjiro will team up with any assassin or his sister Nezuko to defeat a powerful foe, for duty comes first.

As a fellow monster hunter, chainsaw manDenji compares poorly to Tanjiro. Denji has the benefit of resourceful thinking and his ability to heal after taking blood, but he is otherwise untrained, reckless, individualistic, and not trying to improve his skills or technique. If he intends to destroy the apocalyptic demon of weapons and truly become Makima’s favorite “pet”, Denji had better follow Tanjiro’s lead and focus on his duty first instead of his little dreams related to life. food and girlfriends He’s new to the business, so some mistakes can be forgiven, but he’d better get in shape if he intends to make the most of his new career. Makima generously gave the desperate Denji a second chance, he shouldn’t waste it.

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