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Who is Strelitzia in Kingdom Hearts 4?

In the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer, a lady is proven to have been caring for Sora named Strelitzia. Many followers might not acknowledge her as she takes place in a lesser-known recreation regardless of being one in all its most important characters in it. Just who is that this mysterious lady, and the way does she know a lot.

Strelitzia was round throughout the Keyblade War and was killed by Darkness. She was additionally a keyblade wielder who silently watched over the participant throughout the Union X story. She grew to become a part of the Dandelions and have become a Union Leader, which she quickly got here to remorse as a result of Keyblade War.

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She can also be a serious a part of Marluxia’s story as she is the sister of Lauriam. It’s not but recognized if the 2 have had contact since her dying.

When she goes to talk with the participant for the primary time, she finally ends up being killed, and her e book of guidelines is taken. She has now been proven to be alive and residing in Quadratum. Quadratum is an alternate actuality, however Strelitzia appears to be an anomaly who does not belong there very similar to Sora is.

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