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Who is Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness? – Destiny 2 Lore

The world of Destiny is a deep and wealthy one and a part of what makes the sport so interesting is it is complicated lore, with each NPC, Destination, and obtainable merchandise including a chunk to the puzzle. With The Witch Queen enlargement, tons of latest characters each good and evil have been launched to Guardians for the primary time. However, some of the highly effective characters launched was not the Witch Queen herself, however an agent of Darkness generally known as Rhulk.

Rhulk is the first of the Disciples, brokers of Darkness who act on behalf of The Witness. Guardians run into Rhulk throughout the Vow of the Disciple raid the place he serves as the ultimate boss. It is his Pyramid that you simply see in Savathun’s Throne World, as Savathûn trapped each the Pyramid and Rhulk when she was reborn into the Light.

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Rhulk hails from the planet Lubrae, a civilization that was as soon as blessed by the Traveler till it moved on to a different worthy civilization. Because of the Travelers exit, Rhulk developed a hatred towards the Light and the Traveler. This precipitated him to be embraced by The Witness and its Black Fleet. The Witness then used Rhulk as his instrument in ceasing management of the Worm Gods, and forcing them to serve the Darkness. Under Rhulk and The Witness’ management, the Worm Gods would then go on to trick Savathûn and her sisters into creating the Hive species.

Savathûn catches on to this after a while, and decides that she is bored with doing the bidding of Rhulk and The Witness. She will get reborn into the Traveler’s Light and tries to tackle the Darkness. With the Light she is ready to lure Rhulk and his Pyramid in her Throne World, which is the place us Guardians face off agaisnt him within the Vow of the Disciple Raid.

So there you may have it, that’s how Rhulk suits into the broader world of Destiny. For us, it defintely helps to know who the enemy is and what his motivations are, earlier than go on a conquest to deliver him to an finish.

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