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Core points of Gamers

Who is Nezha in Dislyte?

Dislyte is a classy and music-infused RPG developed by Lilith Games. It includes a huge roster of numerous characters who wield the ability of celestial and mythological beings. One of those is Li Ling, who makes use of the ability of his celestial benefactor, Nezha. This might depart you questioning who Nezha and Li Ling are.

Nezha is Li Ling’s celestial energy and derides from Chinese mythology. Nezha is a deity and patron saint of younger adults. In-game, Nezha acts as a DPS whose energy scales to match the variety of debuffs focusing on an enemy.

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Who is Li Ling in Dislyte?

Li Ling is an Esper who makes use of Nezha’s energy. This provides Li Ling floating celestial arms, which he can use to assault his foes with multi-pronged assaults. Nezha’s energy makes Li Ling a power to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Li Ling seems younger in Dislyte, so it is sensible that Nezha would grant this younger man its godly powers. If you get pleasure from taking part in as a fierce DPS, Nezha and Li Ling are a great Esper to decide on!

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