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Who are the Vanguard in Destiny 2?

Every day, Guardians run all through the Tower, bathed underneath the Light of the Traveler. They see acquainted faces like Commander Zavala and Ikora Rey handing out bounties on precedence targets within the system and rewarding those that return victorious. In reality, one of many three pillars of actions revolves across the Vanguard. So simply who’re they?

Destiny 2 Vanguard Lore

The Vanguard are Guardians that characterize the easiest of their respective courses. They coordinate the protection of the Last City and arrange assaults on enemy strongholds along with overseeing the mentoring of newly risen Guardians. The major operate of the Vanguard inside Destiny 2 is at hand out missions which can be carried out within the type of Strikes or Nightfalls.

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Commander Zavala (Titan Vanguard)

Zavala is the present chief of the Vanguard as an entire along with being the Titan Vanguard. He took the place after the earlier Vanguard, Saint-14, was misplaced in battle with the Vex. Stalwart and devoted to these in his service, Zavala shoulders the immense accountability of defending the Last City whereas dealing with the fragile diplomatic relationships with new allies like Empress Caiatl and House Light.

Ikora Rey (Warlock Vanguard)

Ikora Rey, a religious scholar of the Speaker and the Traveler, oversees the Warlocks as their Vanguard. She is the closest to a spiritualist that Guardians will discover and her perception within the Traveler and the Light is absolute, regardless of being examined a number of occasions over. She wields immense energy and respect from each colleagues and enemies alike.

Hunter Vanguard

The Hunter Vanguard place is at the moment vacant. Unlike the Titan and Warlock Vanguard posts, that are elected, the Hunter Vanguard is crammed by a dare. After the premature loss of life of Cayde-6, many Hunters fled the Last City not wishing for the accountability to fall on their shoulders. This place has seen essentially the most turnover because the Hunter Vanguard has a penchant for dying or going lacking. With nobody stepping up, Cayde’s pet rooster, Colonel (AKA “Pigeon Lord”) holds the honorary title.

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