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Who Are the Midnight Angels in Black Panther 2?

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever finds Princess Shuri of Wakanda, Queen Ramonda, and the grieving population of the titular nation struggling to move on after the unexpected passing of Black Panther and the royal leader, King T’Challa. As if dealing with international governments hungry for vibranium and pain weren’t enough, Wakanda finds itself at odds with Namor, the leader of an equally secretive underwater nation known as the Talokan. After a deadly attack on Wakandan soil by Namor and his army, Shuri recruits former Dora Milaje leader Okoye and her confidant Aneka to form a new class of warriors. Shuri presents them both with gold and blue vibranium battle suits and calls them the Midnight Angels.

The pair of newly minted Midnight Angels do extremely well in the final confrontation with the Talokan army, proving to be powerful additions to the Wakandan forces. But for those uninitiated in the proverbial deep cuts of Marvel lore, questions remain: Are the Midnight Angels a new invention of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? What possible impacts could the Midnight Angels have on the future of the MCU?

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What are the origins of the midnight angels?

The origins of the Midnight Angels lie in the Black Panther comic books First appearing in 2010, the Midnight Angels were initially created by the (very much alive) King T’Challa as an even more elite subsection of the Dora Milaje. Black Panther assembles the highly-skilled squad as living weapons against fan-favorite villain Dr. Doom, who is attempting to steal all of Wakanda’s most precious resource, the exceptionally rare mineral vibranium, for nefarious purposes. As Dr. Doom has yet to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, wakandan foreverInstead, the Midnight Angels interpretation is tasked with serving as a key military unit in the final battle against the Talokan army.

What makes the Midnight Angels different from the Dora Milaje?

The Dora Milaje, Black Panther

The costumes worn by the Midnight Angels in wakandan forever They’re made of the ever-sought-after metal known as vibranium, and are nearly impenetrable as a result. They also grant the user the ability to fly and are equipped with various electrically enhanced vibranium weapons (best represented on-screen by the Shuri-designed shock knives wielded by Aneka). Combine these Iron Man-style armored suits with the already impressive fighting skills of Dora Milaje warriors like Okoye and Aneka, and the Midnight Angels cut an impressive and intimidating figure.

The Midnight Angels are extremely formidable in the fight between the Wakandan and Talokanil armies, despite the fact that the combat on the ship was Okoye and Aneka’s first experience with the armor. Given time and training in their new digs, the duo will surely be on the same power ball field as Shuri’s Black Panther, if not up to scratch.

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What does the future hold for the Midnight Angels in the MCU?

Okoye from Black Panther holding a vibranium spear

With the announcement of an Okoye-centric Disney+ show already underway, it’s easy to assume that the Midnight Angels are here to stay. wakandan forever sees Okoye removed from her position as head of the Dora Milaje, meaning she is no longer restricted to acting as a royal bodyguard. Joined by fellow warrior Aneka, who has also apparently reneged on her Dora Milaje duties, the Midnight Angels will no doubt be tasked with more diplomatically charged missions than the more notorious Wakandan military unit is capable of. drive outdoors.

Okoye has excelled in both Black Panther entries, and Aneka has proven to be a compelling addition to the MCU stable of characters. With the inevitable promise that the couple’s adventures will resume with Okoye’s next series, it’s fair to say that audiences will become very familiar with the trailer for Midnight Angels. Also, considering the Midnight Angels’ original connection to Dr. Doom in the comics and a Fantastic four movie along the way, the two armored warriors may serve as links to the introduction of several classic Marvel characters to the MCU.

See the Midnight Angels in action in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, now in theaters around the world.

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