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Core points of Gamers

Who are the cloaked Figures on the finish of the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer?

The Heartless are invading Quadratum in Kingdom Hearts 4 and it is as much as Sora to cease them. However, whereas the battle rages on the streets of Shibuya, mysterious hooded figures look on from excessive atop a skyscraper.

Hooded figures are nothing new to the Kingdom Hearts universe. They might be traced again to the teaser trailer on the finish of the primary sport. Though these figures seemingly are the identical. The secure cash is on them being Luxu and Master of Masters.

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The Master of Masters is a Keyblade Master who initially appeared in Kingdom Hearts X. While their true motivations aren’t fully clear, they have been on the middle of a number of main occasions throughout the lore of the sequence. What is evident is their staunch opposition to the Darkness.

Luxu is a Keyblade Master and apprentice to the Master of Masters. His position was to look at over occasions along with his keyblade to ensure that the Master of Masters to jot down the Book of Prophecies. Much just like the Master of Masters, Luxu first appeared in Kingdom Hearts X.

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