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Which Marvel Hero Would Win?

Although he no longer holds the title of Captain America, Steve Rogers has been an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially during the Infinity Saga. As a veteran, SHIELD affiliate, and Avenger, he is one of the most well-known and experienced heroes in the entire franchise. However, a lesser-known hero has been said to rival the powers of Captain America and perhaps even the Hulk. Daisy Johnson, also known as Quake, played an important role in the shield agents tv show. And as a fellow superpowered SHIELD operative, it’s natural to wonder if she’ll be able to take Cap down in combat.

Once labeled the “Destroyer of Worlds”, Daisy Johnson is an Inhuman whose powers were awakened after exposure to the Terrigen Mist. That allowed him to control and manipulate any vibration. However, she was already a hacker and SHIELD agent and left to learn how to use her powers, which increased her strength. Her heritage and her identity fuel her abilities, while Steve’s abilities were given to him through the Super-Soldier Serum. Regardless, one cannot discount Steve’s combat knowledge.

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Captain America faced Thanos and summoned Mjolnir in the MCU

Steve displayed his abilities when he fought Thanos after the Mad Titan had collected five of the six Infinity Stones and still managed to push back the Infinity Gauntlet, displaying extreme strength. In the climactic Battle of Earth, Cap once again battled Thanos, only this time wielding Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. By summoning the hammer, he confirmed that Cap is truly worthy of bestowing the weapon. And that determination was also shown moments later when he tightened his shield to face the approaching army alone before the sorcerers opened the portals to reveal the rest of Earth’s heroes at the last moment. His unwillingness to give up, even when he’s seriously injured, is another notch on his belt.

Throughout his history as Captain America, Steve battled countless powerful people, including deities and highly-trained soldiers like his brainwashed best friend turned government assassin, Bucky Barnes. But each time, he fought back and emerged (relatively) victorious. However, while the wide variety of his combat experience makes him difficult to defeat, Quake was also involved in some key fights in his time with SHIELD.

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Quake’s powers could exploit a key weakness in Captain America’s shield

Chloe Bennet using her Inhuman powers in Agents of SHIELD

Quake’s ability is to manipulate vibrations. While training, Daisy even created an avalanche using this power and even prevented an atomic bomb from exploding, demonstrating the magnitude of her potential. While the vibranium, which makes up a large percentage of Cap’s shield, absorbs vibrations, the other materials that make up the vibranium-metal alloy of the hero’s weapon are not, meaning he is not immune to Quake’s abilities. . Since the shield is usually Cap’s defense, that leaves him relying strictly on his own powers.

When fighting Kora, Quake also exhibited her ability to use her powers to disrupt energy blasts, similar to what she might face while wearing a cap with a Mjolnir. And in his confrontation with Graviton, Quake injected himself with Centipede Serum, a variant of Super-Soldier Serum, which also gave him enhanced abilities. He then fired Graviton into space, something he could replicate with Cap. If Quake can temper with his shield and fend off Mjolnir, the vibrations from him can also break bones which, despite his own powers, is something Cap can’t help and would be detrimental to him.

Quake Would Give Captain America A Run For His Money

mcu quake

Captain America is a classic MCU hero and not to be underestimated. His contributions to World War II and the defeat of Hydra, along with every battle alongside the Avengers, attest to the fact that he is more than just a man with a shield. However, his arsenal of weapons is scarce and his powers remain stagnant. If an opponent can neutralize Mjolnir and shield from him, they only have to conquer his serum-induced abilities, which Quake also has due to the centipede serum. There’s also nothing Cap can do to prevent Quake’s powers, specifically his ability to break her bones. While Steve undoubtedly outmatches Daisy in hand-to-hand combat, his superior power and unique opportunities to exploit key weaknesses in Cap’s resources would give him an advantage in a battle between them.

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