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Core points of Gamers

Where to get Wettable Powder in Rune Factory 5

Weather situations may be predicted by talking to Livia within the Silo. Two of mentioned climate situations are rain and intense snow, that are unavoidable all year long. As a consequence, crops can typically vanish and even wither. But that is why we have now Wettable Powder. When sprinkled on soil, Wettable Powder makes the plant immune to typhoons and snowstorms. Here’s the place to get them.

Wettable Powders are offered by Ludmila’s flower store after one growth from Studio Palmer. If Ludmila continues to be not a resident of Rigbarth by this level, it is advisable to transfer the story ahead. You can even craft it with the suitable substances.

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Wettable Powder recipe

Wettable Powder is a degree 30 recipe that may be created on the Chemistry Table. You want an autumn flower known as Charm Blue and a spring flower known as Cherry Grass to make it.

Keep finishing the flower-related requests on the SEED activity board. Along the road, the seeds for these flowers can be unlocked, and Ludmila will promote them in her store. Plant them in your Ice and Earth dragons.

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