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Where to get Greenifiers in Rune Factory 5

Using the sickle on fully-grown crops will will let you get seeds which are of a better stage. Higher-level crops could be shipped for a a lot increased value. The General Store may also begin promoting seeds of the identical stage your crops are shipped at, guaranteeing high quality produce each harvest.

The stage of the seeds sickled will largely rely on the soil’s stage, nevertheless. The increased its stage, the upper the sickled seeds might be. Greenifiers are used to lift soil stage. Here’s tips on how to get them.

There are two methods to acquire Greenifiers: by creating them in your crafting desk or buying them from Ludmilla for 3,000G. If Ludmilla will not be but a resident of Rigbarth, transfer the story ahead. Ludmilla may also promote Greenifier+ with an enlargement from Studio Palmo. It’s 5 instances costlier, however has heightened results.

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Greenifier recipe

Greenifiers want three components to make: Withered Grass, Indigo Grass, and a Moondrop Flower.

Withered Grass is discovered wherever you permit your crops out to die. Planting and ignoring your Turnips and Spinaches is one of the simplest ways to “farm” them. Bonus in the event that they’re planted on the Ice Dragon, as these crops hate the chilly. You’ll additionally seldom see them in your farm or Farm Dragons. Withered Grass can be generally present in Atohl’s End.

Indigo Grass develop in the course of the Summer, so that you’ll discover plenty of it within the Kelve Volcanic Region, on the Fire Dragon, or in Rigbarth in the course of the summer season. Lastly, Moondrop Flowers must be grown in your farm. Ludmilla’s flower store may also promote the seeds for them.

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