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Where to find Thornfruit in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, players can collect various ingredients for direct consumption or cooking recipes. Cooking is an important aspect of the game, as consuming food will increase satiety, which in turn will allow you to quickly regenerate your health and stamina. While most of these ingredients are found in abundance throughout the map, some ingredients can only be found in specific regions. Thornfruit is one of those rare ingredients that only grows in the depths of the Confusing Abyss. The following is a guide on where to find Thornfruits in Tower of Fantasy.

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Thornfruit location in Tower of Fantasy

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The spines are small, red-colored fruits that closely resemble raspberries. These rare grade fruits usually appear in numbers in the second dungeon and third dungeon of the Confusing Abyss. The Confounding Abyss is a series of dungeons located directly below the floating city of Mirroria in the Vera region. This area is divided into three sub floors: City Gate, Confounding Abyss, and Third City. Thornfruits can be found in the Confusing Abyss and on the floors of the Third City. Check the map above for the exact coordinates of this location.

How to use Thornfruit in Tower of Fantasy

Hawthorns are small, juicy fruits that can be excellent for rehydration in the murky depths of the Confusing Abyss. These fruits can be eaten directly or mixed with other ingredients to create recipes. When consumed, they regenerate 2 Satiety and restore 4000 + 5% HP to the wanderer. The following are the items that you can cook using Thornfruits in Tower of Fantasy.

  • hawthorn fruit drink (2 Thornfruit + 1 Honey + 1 Carbonated Water)
  • desert salad (2 Thornfruit + 1 Ball Cactus + 1 Salad Dressing)

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