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Where to seek out Red Grass in Rune Factory 5

Grasses are important in crafting many medicines and meals in Rune Factory 5. One grass you might have by no means encountered in your playthrough thus far is the Red Grass. Here’s the place to seek out it.

Red Grass location

Red Grasses develop within the Fall. If it’s Fall in Rigbarth, it ought to develop across the city and in your farm. However, you might also discover Red Grasses on Gadeus Grasslands—a location the place it’s Fall all 12 months lengthy. Here’s the place they develop:

If you don’t have entry to Gadeus Grasslands but, transfer the story ahead. The Red Grasses respawn each 6AM in-game.

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Rarer minerals comparable to Silver and Ruby may also be mined within the space. The monsters are all of their stage 60s, nevertheless, so watch out. The Paralysis standing ailment, which slows down your motion, can also be inflicted by monsters within the space. Bring a Para-Gone with you simply in case.

The Gadeus Grasslands can also be house to many Rocks and Tree Stumps you will get Material Stones and Wood from. Much like Red Grasses, they respawn each 6AM.

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