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Where to seek out Quality Worn Cloth in Rune Factory 5

Everything in Rune Factory 5 is both too costly, not obtainable with out an enlargement from Studio Palmer, or unpurchasable. This is why it helps to know craft your personal weapons, instruments, armors, equipment, and extra. However, every merchandise want particular supplies to be made. A chunk of fabric that you could be not often encounter is the Quality Worn Cloth, which is used to make some fairly good armor.

Here’s the place to seek out some.

How to get Quality Worn Cloth

Quality Worn Cloths are very not often dropped by the Blazing Hecatonchire boss in Rigbarth Maze 2F. This is identical boss who drops Recipe breads. When used as an improve merchandise, Quality Worn Cloth can add the next stats to your gear:

  • +52 Defense
  • +35 Magic Defense
  • +10% Stun Resist
  • +10% Critical Resist
  • +30% Seal Resist

It could be bought for 365G.

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Quality Worn Cloths are very totally different from the the Quality Cloths dropped by Goblin Pirates, the identical monsters who drop Sharp Claws. Those could be present in Atohl’s End and, extra generally, within the Bandit King’s Old Base.

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