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Where to find Dog Tags in DMZ

The White Lotus faction in Call of Duty: DMZ offers players a variety of missions that can be completed to earn various rewards. The second Tier 2 White Lotus faction mission, Bag ’em and Tag ’em, tasks players with collecting four enemy dog ​​tags. Here is a guide on where to find these items.

How to get dog tags in DMZ

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Dog tags do not appear as loot in the open world of Al-Mazrah. These can only be collected from backpacks of dead enemy operators. When you kill a real player in DMZ, drop a backpack with all their belongings and loot in it. Upon opening your backpack, you will find a bronze dog tag next to your inventory, as shown in the image above.

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Click on the nameplate to add it to one of your backpack slots. But remember that once you pick up an enemy player’s dog tag, you’ll be marked for their teammates if they’re alive. Since taking out real players may not be as easy as killing AQ soldiers, you may have to attempt this mission several times before you are successful. A cruel but effective way to collect dog tags is to wait at the extraction point and ambush any enemy squad that tries to exfil.

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