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Where to find Black Mous Intel in DMZ

Black Mous is one of the three factions in Call of Duty: DMZ. Their rival group, the White Lotus, asks you to collect and mine two pieces of Black Mous Intel as part of the Bag ’em and Tag ’em Tier 2 faction quest. Here is a guide to where exactly you can find these documents in Al-Mazrah.

How to get Black Mous Intel in DMZ

Black Mous Intel spawns in the rohan oil sector, which is located in the northern region of the map. The location marked on the map above shows the structure where we found this item on each of our visits. It is a small shack at the north end of Rohan Oil. It is easy to get in and out of this hut without being detected by the AQ soldiers, as the area is not well protected.

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Look around the building, especially on the shelves, for any documents that say Black Mous Intel. We managed to find two of these items in one go. To complete the mission, make sure to extract from the DMZ after collecting the information so that progress counts. If you find just one piece of intel here, you can continue your search inside Rohan Oil or just exfiltrate and return to complete the task.

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