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Where to seek out Battle Bus Location in Fortnite Chapter 3

The Fortnite Battle Bus is among the most iconic and well-known options of the sport. Chapter 3 Season 2 added a novel spin to it. Aside from making it drivable, the Fortnite Battle Bus is now a lethal armored car.

A brand new function within the Fortnite Battle Bus equips it with two turrets that can be utilized to inflict injury, along with its heavy armor and enormous tires, it additionally now sports activities a cow catcher on the entrance.

Ride and drive the Fortnite Battle Bus, and will you and your teammates knock down each impediment that tries to gradual you down alongside the way in which. Although this new car is extremely restricted, it is best to find it as quickly as attainable if you wish to get your arms on it. This information will present you the place to seek out Battle Bus in Fortnite.

Where to seek out Battle Bus in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2?

The Fortnite Battle Bus location is at Sanctuary’s southwest nook, it’s parked near a big constructing, as marked on the map under. There’s a mud path connecting Sanctuary to the little islands the place yow will discover the Battle Bus.

Fortnite Battle Bus Location

Only one Fortnite Battle Bus location is at the moment seen on the map. If you’re going to make use of the bus, it’s most likely finest to convey alongside a gaggle of pals. Since there are two impartial cockpits for the machine gun and rocket turret, it may accommodate as much as seven gamers.

All For Epic Games, the drivable fight bus is precisely what we’ve been in search of, because it’s not only a plain previous battle bus.

All Armored Battle Bus Funding Station locations
How to drive the Battle Bus – Fortnite

To be capable of drive Fortnite’s Battle Bus you could first unlock it via any Funding Station that may be discovered on the map. Fortnite’s Battle Bus can solely be accessed when you’ve got donated sufficient Gold Bars at any of the funding stations, and when you’ve got acquired ample donations from the neighborhood. This car within the sport may be unlocked by you and different gamers for a small charge of fifty Gold Bars every.

When a given funding station has reached 100%, the Armored Battle Bus will grow to be out there to gamers who’re positioned within the neighborhood. And the mandatory cost are Gold Bars, which you’ll be able to get hold of from any lifeless enemy gamers, POIs, or loot packing containers to be able to full the mission.

You can then go take care of an Armored Battle Bus, hop in and take management of it.

Battle Bus Fortnite Controls

PlayStation Controller

  • “L1” – Handbrake
  • D-Pad “Down” – Honk
  • “R3” – Switch Seat
  • “Square” (Hold) – Exit
  • “Circle” – Boost
  • “Triangle” – Radio On/Off
  • “X” – Next Station

Xbox Controller

  • “LB” – Handbrake
  • D-Pad “Down” – Honk
  • “Right Stick” – Switch Seat
  • “X” (Hold) – Exit
  • “B” – Boost
  • “Y” – Toggle Radio
  • “A” – Next Station

PC Keyboard

  • “Space” – Handbrake
  • “Right Click” – Honk
  • “L Ctrl” – Switch Seat
  • “E” (Hold) – Exit
  • “L Shift” – Boost
  • “R” – Toggle Radio
  • “C” – Next Station
All Fortnite Battle Bus Funding Station areas

Various factors of curiosity on the map have funding stations. But only some of Fortnite’s funding stations work in direction of unlocking the Armored Battle Bus, which is among the sport’s most sought-after automobiles.

These are the two areas of funding stations, as seen on the maps under:

Synapse Station

You can fund the Armored Battle Bus in Synapse Station which is positioned in direction of the south finish of the island on the backside of the map, west of Chonker’s Speedway.

Synapse Station - Funding Station Map in Fortnite
Image Credits to iFireMonkey


Sanctuary’s Funding Station is positioned in the course of the Eastern portion of the map. Drop by and deposit your Gold Bars.

How to fund the Battle Bus Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

This season’s Armored battle bus can solely be pushed if sufficient Gold Bars are collected, a function that was launched a couple of seasons in the past.

The funding station wants a ample variety of 50-Gold-Bar stacks from the neighborhood. Open Chests, kill enemies, or full Bounties to realize Gold Bars.

Players will be capable of drive the Fortnite Battle Bus across the island as soon as a funding station reaches 100% funding! If that funding station reaches 100%, solely that Location will get the car.

How many gamers can journey the Fortnite Battle Bus?

It takes seven gamers to function the Fortnite Battle Bus, together with the motive force, two gunners, and 4 riders. That’s greater than sufficient to rise up to some fairly intense hijinks throughout a match.

Battle Bus Fortnite blueprint areas Chapter 3 Season 2

Chapter 3 Season 2’s ongoing story is pushed ahead by the brand new resistance quests. The blueprint for a brand new armored Fornite Battle Bus may be present in one such quest referred to as “Recover the lacking Battle Bus Plans“.

For the Recover the lacking Battle Bus Plans resistance quest, you simply want to seek out one of many three Battle Bus Fortnite blueprints in any of those areas (as may be seen on the map under)

  • Condo Canyon
  • Coney Crossroads
  • The Daily Bugle
Battle Bus Fortnite Blueprint Locations Map
map credit to

The finest location to get the Battle Bus Fortnite blueprint is Coney Crossroads. This location, in contrast to Condo Canyon and The Daily Bugle, is considerably much less full of IO members and different gamers, making it simpler to acquire the blueprint for the battle bus.

The battle bus blueprint is hidden inside an ice cream cone at Coney Crossroads. In the entryway of the constructing subsequent to the ice cream parlor, there’s a second battle bus blueprint. And the ultimate blueprint in Coney Crossroads is positioned between two camp beds exterior the ice cream store.

This resistance mission may be accomplished by gathering all the Fortnite Battle Bus blueprints and you’ll earn 23,000 XP. Do remember that this quest is new, subsequently it’s seemingly that lots of people will probably be attempting to compete to get them. When you arrive on the areas, maintain your eyes peeled for different enemy gamers.

So there you might have it! It’s all there’s to know in regards to the Armored Fortnite Battle Bus, Funding Stations, and Blueprint areas in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

Fans of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 will probably be happy to be taught that Epic Games has added a tactical dash mechanism, in addition to new Doctor Strange and Prowler character fashions, to the sport for Season 2.

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