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Where to seek out all hidden objects in Arni Village – Chrono Cross

When you wake in Arni Village on the very starting of Chrono Cross, be certain to not miss any of the hidden objects yow will discover scattered throughout city. If you miss them, you will not have the ability to return for some time. Use this information to seek out all of them, and bulk up your stock and cash pouch for the primary hours of the sport.

Where are the hidden objects in Arni Village?

The sport opens with an odd dream, however you may wake in Serge’s room instantly afterward.

Hidden merchandise #1: 200G

Find this secret stash below the foot of Serge’s mattress.

Hidden merchandise #2: x1Tablet

You can instantly cross Serge’s room and discover x1Tablet hiding at the underside of one of many pots.

Hidden merchandise #3: Uplift Element

Find the helpful Yellow Element, Uplift, within the Hungryman restaurant on the alternative aspect of Arni Village. Inside, there is a speaking “barrel.” Prompt the barrel 3 times with the motion button, and, finally, you may get Uplift.

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Hidden merchandise #4: Heckran Bone

Stay within the restaurant, however head into the again room behind the barrel. Here, you may discover a Heckran Bone below the mattress. Present this bone to Poshul within the coaching space to have the lovable, pink canine be a part of your social gathering.

Hidden merchandise #5: Photon Ray Element

Leave the restaurant and enter the home on the alternative aspect of the Village, the place you may have a view of Leena with the kids on the dock. Search the bucket close to the watering can and get Photon Ray—a White Element to match Serge’s innate powers—supplying you with the higher hand in lots of coming battles.

Hidden merchandise #6: AquaBeam Element

Leave the home and exit this space of the Village to the left. You’ll see a number of the villagers coaching with Radius. You can discover the Blue Element, AquaBeam, hidden within the bucket to the left.

Hidden merchandise #7: Cure Element

Go up the steps by that very same bucket. In this home, you may discover the likewise Blue Element, Cure, behind the body on the wall.

Hidden merchandise #8: “Shellfish” body

Head again to the Village entrance and examine the seller’s stand for a “Shellfish” body you should utilize to spruce up the dialogue packing containers with a colourful totem sample.

That’s all of the hidden objects in Arni Village, so make sure that to examine for them earlier than heading to fulfill Leena with the Komodo Scales at Opassa Beach!

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